Last Updated: September 29, 2023


Leena Sanap


The quality assurance post-app launch is the most important aspect of any onshore or offshore web and mobile app development company in India. But, do you know – it holds a lot of importance post to the launch of the mobile application as well. Most people only believe that quality check is the pre-release thing. It should be considered before that as well. However, it can be a major setback to your online presence if you overlook it after the application has been aired. Let’s us know why it is important to have QA after every short period of time:

Bug tracker

It helps in finding out the bugs. These cannot be seen in the mobile app development procedure. It can come into function after its release. Many times it happens that a few bugs and errors pop-ups after the development of the mobile applications. Moreover, it can come into being in the market after the common people use it. Thus, it becomes quite significant to have a proper QA back again.

Error finder

Sometimes, the algorithm of the browser changes that result in creating an error in the functioning of the application. A Quality Assurance post-app launch helps in finding out those errors and ensures your app works seamlessly on all platforms.

Admin error finder

Most of the time, the app starts to misbehave due to mishandling at the admin side. Thus, it becomes obvious to have a quality check of the application after every fixed period of time.


Due to an error in Firewall, in some instances, the virus affects your application and it starts getting retarded. Thus, to ensure the security of the application, you must do it.

Other reasons for quality assurance post app launch

There are several instances where you need to bring changes in the application as per the requirement in the market. Thus, after adding the required features, testing is essential to ensure the newly added things are not affecting the other feature of the application.

It is also a common scenario when you find the application is not behaving as per the standard of the industry and you wish to have certain changes in the same. In such times, automated check helps you in finding the loopholes.

There are several other instances when the need for the Quality Assurance post app launch becomes important. But the above-mentioned ones are among the major reasons that you should not overlook at any cost and at any stage of the development of mobile applications in India or abroad.

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