February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


Cross platform mobile app development has been significant part of the application industry in last five years. It has been evolved as one of the most trusted technologies in the course of time as the same come with immense capability of making an application supportable for multiple mobile platforms. Cross platform applications change the course of the app industry and has made it more prone to the common individual of the world. While cross platform is running successfully all over, the biggest challenge it face is with native app development technology. Therefore, the comparison between both the technology remain there in the industry. Further, we will discuss about which technology has an upper hand over other.

Let’s start with native app development. It is widely used app development technology. The individuals who want to develop an application for a particular mobile platform, like – Android, iOS generally go on to develop an app via native tools and technology. These kind of apps remain super supportable to the respective mobile platform and offer users rich app using experience. These apps have less chances of having bugs or technical error and even if there is some, then probably – it is the mistake from developer’s end, nothing tacky from the tools side. The native applications are known for accessing maximum features of the respective mobile operating system and hence, remain seamless & easy to access.

On the other Side, cross platform apps are meant to serve all major mobile platforms. A single application is supported to the major OS and can be easily accessed on all. However, an app using experience can be different on distinct mobile platforms. They are economical and take less time in full-fledged development. The main purpose of this application is to give wider access to the brand and business so that they can flourish well and can earn a higher return on investment. Sometimes, they may misbehave but if developed through an experienced cross-platform app developer, then there are fewer chances of flaws in the app.

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