Last Updated: September 26, 2023


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The pandemic made us realize the crucial role of technology in our lives. To make sure that people don’t suffer much, developers around the world took it upon themselves to improvise. They improved existing software applications and developed new ones to stop the world from coming to a standstill.

However, this development hasn't stopped even after the worst is over. This is clearly observed in the case of the  Instacart like app. Many people are still making investments in building their own version of it. This is a consequence of the demand for grocery delivery apps that have shot up.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can use these technologies everywhere. If you plan on building an Instacart Clone App, you must know which technologies you can use for your app.

In this article, we will discuss the technologies that you can use to build a new and improved app for grocery delivery services.

Latest Technologies That Will Affect Instacart Clone App

ML and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic in a variety of sectors. Simply said, AI is a machine that can imitate intelligent activities and make decisions on its own. Google Assistant is the best illustration of AI.

You can use these technologies in your Instacart clone app too. Machine Learning methods driven by AI are useful for studying user behavior and improving product quality. This can help you save money on audience research that isn't correct.

An app development company can incorporate high-end security features. These include two-factor validation with AI and ML-powered capabilities like voice recognition and facial identification.

The frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches in the mobile app development sector has sky-rocketed. That has made IT professionals overly cautious. Companies place a high priority on the security of data saved in business apps and invest significant resources in this area.

Today, advances in AI and machine learning can assist in this circumstance. Both of these technologies can help you safeguard the image of your Instacart like app. Reducing the amount of information misused on the internet can be achieved with this.

Giving a safe environment to users is the best way to guarantee a high user engagement and retention rate. 


Another thing that helps in customer retention is customer service. Immediate responses and resolution to user queries are essential in providing an excellent user experience. 

Even if the query is not resolved, knowing that someone has listened and understood their woes is enough for users. Chatbots have played a major role in this regard. Chatbots are one of those cutting-edge technological trends that have dominated the industry since their inception.

Chatbot integration can expand the functionality of mobile app development while also improving the user experience. It enables your audience to discover real-time answers to their problems without the need for human involvement. You won't have to pay for a large customer service crew this way.

Allowing the chatbot to retrieve all user-centric data allows you to tailor the user experience. That way, users don't have to provide their fundamental information every time they log in to your Instacart clone app. Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo are the most popular chatbot apps.

Keeping in mind the uses of chatbots, integrating them into your app can surely boost your brand image. Word of mouth plays a very important role in ensuring the growth of the brand. A positive user experience will facilitate that.

5G Technology

With its high network speed and capabilities to devour all the bandwidth, the much-anticipated 5G excitement is already lurking in a few firms. Samsung and other major smartphone makers have already released 5G-enabled devices. In the near future, 5G may become a standard for determining Internet speed and traffic capacity.

The 5G network will also have an influence on mobile app development. High-end 3D apps and games with sophisticated features like augmented reality and other technologies will quickly adopt the 5G mobile network.

The 5G network will also benefit the owners of the Instacart like app. There are a lot of things that depend on a reliable network. The most important among those is the payment process. If the payment gets stuck because of a weak network, it will frustrate the users. 

If it happens regularly, they might entirely ditch the app and resort to buying vegetables by going to the market. Another factor is tracking the delivery personnel. Users will be relaxed if they know when their order will get delivered. Moreover, the ability to track the location of the delivery personnel in their Instacart clone app is a plus. High-speed networks are essential in providing a pleasant shopping experience to the users. From buying groceries, right till their delivery.

Location Tracking Technology

As mobile app development becomes more popular, the majority of them request permission to track the user's location. It does that to provide location-based services. Location-tracking applications collect data about the user's demographics.

With the aid of location-tracking applications, businesses can manage local marketing campaigns. They can also provide on-demand delivery models efficiently. For their target demographic, businesses may also execute location-based promotional campaigns.

Conversely, the technology of tracking location can also help in tracking the location of the delivery personnel. As discussed in the point above, location tracking along with a seamless network will definitely improve user experience.

Mobile Wallets

As the number of people buying things online grows, so does the need for online payment systems. Wallet apps that are both convenient and secure are in great demand. There are various wallets available like

  • Mobile wallet platforms with client applications
  • Merchant apps that employ e-commerce technology
  • P2P platforms accessible through specific bank apps

All of them are in great demand and are likely to remain so.

Having various modes for users to pay from is likely to improve their experience. That way, they won’t have to struggle with the payment process in your Instacart like app. Users will appreciate the availability of different ways to make the payment. That will improve the image of the brand.

In Conclusion

The technologies mentioned above are going to revolutionize not only the Instacart like app but the overall mobile app development. The development of technologies is a constant process. 

Recently, there was speculation about the launching of LiFi after 5G. This will use light waves instead of sound waves and will be much faster than 5G. Not only that, it will be less costly too. The point is, technologies will forever keep improvising. Those business owners who adopt them first will emerge as winners.

There is no doubt that every business owner would want to adopt these new technologies. The game-changer is when developers have to integrate these techs. If you have in-depth knowledge about it, there are no worries. But, if you have to hire someone to do that for you, you must be careful.

Your technology partner must have experience and expertise to carry out the mobile commerce app development process smoothly. Even a minor mistake in the development stage can result in failure later. 

The developers of our app development company, Narola Infotech have worked on many Instacart like apps. They understand every aspect of the development process and are aware of the pain points. If you want the integrated technologies to work perfectly, contact us today. We can book a session with our experts to clear any doubt you have.

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