February 4, 2021


Leena Sanap


Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a science fiction or dream Today’s technology has turned that dream into reality. The advances in technology and research would soon find AI a special place. It will be one of our most frequently used devices. It will be helpful for Our smartphones and Progressive mobile app creation. You will have a taste of it in Progressive apps more. AI will be in our pockets then.

Recognition for Progressive apps

Progressive apps have received a lot of recognition since their launch. And integrating AI into progressive apps will change the way people use apps. The apps would only show the results based on the information collected by tracking the taste, mood, and patterns of the user.

The smartphone is probably one of the most useful devices for humans. It allows us to stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates. Moreover, we can also access any information on the internet. It is possible to get directions, find entertainment, play games, check emails, maintain a calendar. There are loads of other features. The integration of AI into these devices could transform them from passive tools to engaging partners. It helps us make decisions —or even makes decisions for us.

Smartphone companies are making more and more artificially intelligent devices

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that our phones could get any smarter. But companies like Apple, Google, Samsung are upping the ante. All these are possible because of deep learning. Deep learning is a part of AI that keeps track of all the movements, patterns, sounds, images, and other forms of sensory input.

While many fear that machines are taking over the world, some great things are happening in the meantime. For instance, AI has become very helpful for customer service representatives. AI keeps the track of the queries of customers and helps the representatives to provide solutions.

Your phones would become your personal assistants like never before. AI would turn your phone into a device that understands your taste, mood, and emotions. It shows you the notifications based on them.

Uses of Artificial intelligence

AI would make it easy for business people to declutter the calendar. It also helps to organize meetings, arrange conference calls, even record and transcribe notes from a presentation. The whole point of AI is to make smartphones more personalized and user-friendly.

AI integrated apps in smartphones will be a perfect match for well-developed web apps.

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