January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


We are all dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic on a global level. While it has been quite a challenge for everyone, the ones carrying out medical practice have been at the highest risk along with those in the front-line works.

What is worse in a situation like this is that the health of patients with other ailments than the covid-19 has also been compromised as they have to visit the doctor’s clinic unavoidably. Since it has clearly been almost a year for this pandemic situation, the healthcare industry is expecting a rigorous transformation.

Whether it is in the form of online appointment scheduling, patients being consulted by doctors online for less critical cases, online pharmacy, etc. all of these have been possible with the quick and successful implementation of the doctor appointment app. It has played a crucial role in maintaining risk-free consultation between patients and doctors.

Although healthcare apps or medical apps in concept isn’t a novel idea, its success and implementation are being widely accepted in the post-Covid scenario. The functionality of the doctor’s appointment booking app is now realized even by the general public and they are willing to embrace the change as a convenient way or protocol.

In this article, we discuss the reasons why a doctor appointment app for mobile or a doctor appointment web application is a very fruitful investment in the current situation and thereafter too. It is the need of the hour and here’s how you will reap its benefits.

Advantages of the Doctor Appointment App:

1. Book an Appointment –

The foremost benefit of the doctor appointment app is that it gives you a clear idea about the availability of doctors/specialists, etc. There is no need to keep making calls or be held on lines to make an appointment.

The patients get to choose the time slot of their choice with appointments online and conveniently without troubling the staff at the clinic. They do not have to visit the clinic as well in person that reduces the gathering of the public in your clinic unnecessarily which is crucial in times like Covid.

From the doctor’s end, they know the number of patients they have to consult for the day and can plan their schedule accordingly that helps them serve better to the patients.

2. Display Your Services –

The medical services industry is advancing in technology every day. You can mention all the treatments and services available at your clinic by enlisting them in a section that is regularly updated on the dashboard.

All the details like the doctors’ profiles, successful operations for critical patients, surgeries, etc. can be showcased that asserts the patients and gives them the confidence that they will be definitely treated well at your clinic.

Additional services like X-rays, sonographies, blood tests, etc. scheduling of appointments is also possible via the mobile app for doctor appointments.

3. Better Organization –

With the Doctor Appointment App, the efficiency of your team can be remarkably improved. There is no overbooking. Depending on the number of appointments for the day, resources and staff can be arranged.

There is quicker information-sharing as vital information like test results, prescriptions can be shared with the patient instantly. There is no misinterpretation of the medicines or its dosage as everything is available on the app.

An entire history of the patient about the consultation, dates, medicines prescribed, etc. is maintained from the time your patient visits for the first time. This helps doctors in better diagnosis and providing medication.

4. Contactless Payments –

With payment gateways directly implemented with the app, you can encourage patients to make online payments directly using the doctor appointment app.

There is a multitude of problems resolved due to online payments as everything you deal with in the clinic becomes paperless. This is a positive step in direction of healthcare automation when it comes to administrative activities.

Generating bills of patients that have been operated on or admitted becomes simpler and error-free. It reduces the workload on your staff and they can pay better attention to treating patients rather than wasting time in office activities.

5. Notifications –

Since the doctor appointment app is completely customized for the use of doctors and patients, you can make a provision for them to regularly receive notifications about the appointments they make so that either of them does not miss it.

You can also increase the engagement of users with your app by providing updates about the prevailing diseases due to seasonal changes, the necessary precautions they should take, and also common home remedies to improve their health on the whole.

Parents can be notified about the upcoming vaccination for their child and also maintain a history of the various vaccines given to them. This is of great help to parents as it assures the parents that they are looked after and supported by the clinic as well.

6. Grow Limitlessly –

Due to the widespread use of doctor appointment app, patients can be consulted online by doctors through video calling or audio calling also. This is of great help when patients are seeking a second opinion or consulting for regular less critical symptoms.

Thus there is no limit of geography as the doctor can directly connect with their patient online and payment can also be completed instantly benefitting both the users of the app.

In Conclusion

Making use of the doctor appointment app will definitely generate great ROI. In addition to this, it will make the lives of patients and doctors much simpler in the current and post-Covid-19 situation.

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