August 22, 2022

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As a .NET application development company, what are the problems you usually face? The one we mostly hear about is hiring. We are sure you need to occasionally hire .NET Developer on a freelance or permanent basis for your organization. And finding suitable candidates who can fill these roles could be quite a task. We understand this issue and have a solution for you.

In this blog, we shall discuss the top 7 .NET developer skills you must consider while hiring for the job.

Before that, let us dive into some statistics and understand the importance of .NET technology.

.NET development
.NET application development

Quick Facts About .NET Technology

  • NET Framework Originally Started Under the Name 'Next Generation Window Services
  • Microsoft Has Released Nine Upgraded Versions of .NET Up Until Now
  • Dot NET framework contributes to over 4.30% of websites online.
  • Earlier .NET was not an open source

Importance of .NET Developers

To Develop Brilliant Smartphone and Computer Applications

When your company has to create an app that differs from others on the market, you must search for experienced web developers. With the assistance of skilled .NET developers, you may construct online forms, websites, and user interfaces.

To Develop a Secure Project

If you also want to create an ASP.NET application that is both safe and scalable, you will need a professional's assistance. To create a safe and effective application, developers must be proficient with the open-source ASP.NET framework as well as have knowledge of the DotNET development community. 

Dot NET developers with experience are aware of and understand the requirements for client-side web development.  Furthermore, they will be able to set up the apps properly with layers of security features. This way, the project remains secure, with minimal risks of compromised confidential data.

To Develop a Customized Data-Driven Application

You require the skills of .NET developers with in-depth theoretical understanding and practical DotNET implementations when you need to construct a data-driven application. When you hire us as your .NET development company, you will receive many benefits as we have a knack for data-driven app development.

Top 7 DotNET Developer Skills You Must Consider While Hiring
Hire .NET Developer

Our developers are not only proficient in these 7 .NET skills, but even more. If you are looking to hire an efficient .NET developer, you need not look any further. However, in a general sense, these are some of the top .NET developer skills you should be looking for before hiring a developer for your custom .NET development company.

Skills Needed for .NET Developers

1. Experience in Backend Programming

Backend programming is a crucial component of most .NET application development services where you must keep information about user profiles and other content. Therefore, before allocatingresources, ensure that the developers you employ are familiar with backend programming.

By asking them about their flow with backend work linked to many different databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc., you will save time. Additionally, inquire with them about issues like query optimization and normalization strategies.

2. Understand The Fundamentals of The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

The DotNET framework, currently regarded as a standard by most development businesses, includes WCF as another crucial element. Therefore, ensure that the developers you choose are familiar with this technology. Additionally, they must be aware of how it affects various projects to prevent project completion delays. Without a thorough grasp of WCF, programmers would struggle to produce high-end apps with high-quality outcomes. 

3. Must Be Knowledgeable in Ajax, JavaScript, and JSON

Modern tools like AJAX have fundamentally altered how users engage with web pages and online apps. The use of this technology for client-app communication on web servers is widely accepted as the norm. 

All programmers and developers need to be aware of this significant advancement, which is also crucial to improving user experience across several websites and projects linked to the DotNET framework.

To manage large-scale projects when every other firm is requesting the usage of this data format, it is also imperative that you ask them whether they have any experience with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

4. Experience in Managing Web Services like IIS is Vital

Make sure.NET developers have prior expertise dealing with various web services-related technologies. Such as the Microsoft IIS server, before employing them for .NET application development. Some suppliers assert that the programmers they employ have expertise working on various servers and in other areas of the .NET framework. However, they could fall short in terms of practical work.

You may use easy IIS-related questions to find out by asking them about it. If they cannot answer those challenging technical questions, it is obvious from an interviewer's perspective that they are either lying or do not know enough about it.

5. Must Possess Knowledge of Asp.NET MVC

To handle large-scale projects where employing the most recent technologies is essential. Asp.NET developers must also be aware of technological breakthroughs connected to development. Make sure ASP developers thoroughly grasp MVC and all the features of the .NET framework before employing them. This way, you can have a smooth application development process without any unforeseen hiccups. Some features of Asp.NET MVC include:

  • The lightweight Asp.NET MVC model uses the MVC pattern-based development method.
  • Since Asp.NET MVC uses route-based URLs, it is necessary to separate URLs into controllers and actions. Additionally, it is dependent on the controller rather than the actual file.
  • It is open source.
  • In Asp.NET MVC, views and logic are kept separate.
  • The lightweight framework Asp.NET MVC gives you total control over markup. Numerous elements that speed up the development process are supported by it. As a result, it is the perfect programming language for building interactive online applications that adhere to cutting-edge web standards.

6. The Developer Should be Efficient in Azure

Azure is Microsoft's proprietary cloud computing platform. It is among the most widely used cloud computing platforms globally. As a result, there is an increase in developers who are efficient in .NET web development and possess knowledge of how to use its features.

The primary factors of the pricing for Azure services are the resources required for the project and the amount of processing power used. This means that poor software development may result in higher costs even after the app is out.

Thus, these new concepts cannot make it simpler to design the most beneficial software for consumers. Reason? Because some developers do not have enough time to learn the solutions and technologies that are included in the Azure bundle.

A .NET developer would be knowledgeable about issues such as web applications, Serverless Functions, Cosmos DB, Service fabric, Blog storage, Containers, and microservices in relation to the Azure cloud platform.

Hire .NET Developer

7. Having Knowledge of SCRUM is a Bonus

One of the most popular approaches in agile frameworks is SCRUM. In addition to having all the important skills, .NET developers must be able to collaborate with SCRUM as well. For instance, it may be used to create particular features for online services and apps.

Any software engineer, especially a .NET developer, should be able to operate in SCRUM and possess a thorough understanding of Agile development principles. If you also develop this skill, dealing with Project Managers will be easier for you. Furthermore, in some situations, having some knowledge of the waterfall project management methodology may be helpful.


It is usually a good idea to have a thorough conversation before hiring.NET developers. This way, you can better understand their skills. This first chat will also help you determine if they are qualified for your project or not.

If you are looking to hire experienced, efficient .NET developers or .NET Development services for your application development, get in touch with us today, and we shall be happy to help you once we understand your needs.

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