February 5, 2021


Leena Sanap


Are you hiring developers? You would have to ask some pointed questions in the first place. They are required before hire web Developer.

“Would it be cheaper to hire resources from freelance portals to get my website designed?”The query is particularly valid if you are getting your first website or mobile application designed.

Find Developers Via Freelance Web Portals

It is possible to locate Resources by mining through freelance web portals. There are a number of portals in like manners such as Elance.com and Freelancer.com. When you put up a notice on these sites, the individual developers bid for the projects at hourly rates or for a lump sum fixed quote.

It is true that the independent resources provide some of the advantages of a Web design studio. However, as a matter of fact, there is a catch in it. One should prepare oneself to accept a kind of uncertainty. The company has proficiency in more than one technology. We also have all the tools that an E-commerce store requires. Or consider a mobile application; unless the app is tested over dozens of models and hit with heavy traffic, it’s difficult to be sure that it would work in the real world. Naturally, individuals will have limitations in terms of facilities and technical expertise.

On top of this, you incur additional costs; the freelance portal operator charges you extra “Project Fee” and “Subscription fee”. And note, the portal operator charges the fee only for putting you in touch with the freelance resource and doesn’t provide any technical support whatsoever. The portal is by nature, just a forum for freelancers; a marketplace for many types of services. It is not a specialist and dedicated provider of web design services.

Narola: No Risks & No drawbacks

Now compare Narola Resources in the same fashion. We offer you every facility and advantage of flex-hiring web developers minus all risks and disadvantages.

You can directly interview, select and freely interact with the web developers, mobile app developers and build the team. This makes hiring developers much easier. have the freedom to co-direct the mobile app developers.

Before or after visiting those links do compare individual resources hired via freelancer web portals v/s resources from a company such as Narola.

In the light of the following things that you do not have to do, will help in your decision further:

  • Pay the additional fee,
  • Fret about deadlines,
  • Anxious about lack of skills,
  • Be apprehensive about claims for employment,
  • Be troubled by privacy and confidentiality concerns.

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