January 20, 2023


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If you are reading this blog, then we can assume that you already know you want to hire NodeJS developer.

We are witnessing businesses profit from interactive websites and scalable apps in today's digital world. As a business owner of a digital product, you must keep up with the latest technological developments. And one such technology is NodeJS.

You'll need a robust platform architecture to make your site or application appealing to the public. You might be considering ways to improve the technical components of your platform. The best way to do that is to hire a Node developer team or a well-known NodeJS Development Company in New York.

The developers you hire will help you brand your vision and grow your company. Hence, it is wise to carry out your hiring carefully because you do not want to compromise on that front. Given how the demands for a NodeJS developer have been increasing, several companies choose to outsource to a NodeJS application development company for their developmental needs. 

Whether you decide to hire a full-time NodeJS developer or just outsource one, this blog will point out seven factors you must consider while hiring a NodeJS developer. We will also briefly discuss NodeJS and its advantages.

What is NodeJS?

There are several corporate-backed languages, and NodeJS is one of the best business-oriented languages that developers have mastered over time. It is a free and open platform that can create applications for businesses such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning applications), CMSs (Customer Management Systems), POS (point of sale systems), and many more.

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A NodeJS development company hires those determined to make a career in developing business applications across all organizations using the NodeJS framework and its functionalities. 


Why is a NodeJS Application Development Company in Demand These Days?

A NodeJS web development company houses NodeJS developers with varying skills and expertise. However, all these developers have one thing in common - they have been working for quite some time to develop fantastic applications using the NodeJS framework. 

NodeJS has become an essential part of the entire Microsoft ecosystem, and this ecosystem has been evolving rapidly. Hence, with such a rapidly evolving ecosystem, a software developer's expertise must evolve too. 

The NodeJS framework features both the Windows and Linux Platforms. Hence, shortly, one can see exponential growth in demand for a developer skilled in NodeJS.

The Importance of Finding The Right NodeJS Developer 

It is a task for any business to hire the right set of industry professionals, especially developers. Hiring NodeJS developers is a huge responsibility because these developers will be responsible for how your project's application looks to the rest of the world. You have your hopes pinned onto this guy, so you do not want to make any mistakes on that front. 

NodeJS web development needs skills as well as expertise. Hence, only a candidate who has been in the industry for a while will know what it takes to develop an application from scratch and invest their time and effort into bringing quality.

Now the question arises – How will you find the right developer who can understand your requirements?

So, here are some steps that you must keep in mind while hiring NodeJS developers. 

10 Key Things to Remember While Hiring NodeJS Developers

Read on to know how you can prepare to hire NodeJS Developers with experience and expertise in providing NodeJS application development services to meet your requirements. 

Chalk Out a Plan

The first and foremost thing you should do is chalk out a plan. Your plan revolves around essential things like your requirements, how you wish to shape your company’s future, and your current project’s requirements. When you have your plan, it becomes easier for you to interview them since they know what you would expect to look at. 

If you do not have a plan, it becomes difficult to filter out the candidates. Your filter factors are generally the certifications and examinations the candidate has taken up. So, if you are unclear about your plan, you will not be able to hire the right candidate.

Security Features

The dread of being hacked grows in perfect sync with the pace of software development. On the other hand, it has been discovered that almost all hacked software contains vulnerabilities in its development foundation. As a result, it's critical that your program is safe against hacking attempts.

The developer team of your NodeJS partner is in charge of keeping your software secure. So, it is important that they understand how to put security measures in place. HTTP response adjustment, module loading blocking, and other NodeJS web development capabilities govern the security of a web application.

The developer team is in charge of the backend as well as any payment issues. This implies that they should be able to handle payment detail security as well. To protect customers' and companies’ data, the developer should be well-versed in GDPR rules and other data-collecting procedures.

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Be Aware of Their Core Skills as a Developer

A NodeJS development company generally houses NodeJS developers who have cracked core exams in NodeJS development. However, as the interviewer, you must know the core exams in NodeJS development because you want to ensure the candidate you hire for your company has worked out these exams. 

Rule out the candidates who have a vast knowledge of technologies that are outdated and not in use anymore. Your focus must be on hiring a candidate with the relevant certification who cracked these exams and who knows how to apply all his knowledge practically. 

One of the most innovative ways to do this is to hire these candidates from a reliable NodeJS application development company with good reviews and clientele.


Discuss The Candidate’s Portfolio Thoroughly

If the candidate tells you he/she is a good programmer, ask them to show their skills. Ask them to show their portfolio. If they fail to present the projects they have worked on, there is a good chance they are lying.

An ideal candidate will have a good portfolio of projects he has worked on. These will support his claims, and he will have no problem showing them to you.

Experience in a Variety Of Domains

You may come across candidates who are experts when it comes to web designing and implementation. However, they may fall behind when working on desktop applications. Hence, it is important to ensure that the candidate you are interviewing has experience working on projects in different domains. Because a more versatile experience would be better for your company.

Good Multitasker

Any good developer will be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously with ease. Hence, your ideal candidate should have good abstraction skills which are a must to handle multiple NodeJS app development projects. Also, this is the one quality that will keep your clients happy as every client wants fast results with the best quality.

Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming

If a developer implements the concepts of Object-oriented Programming in the NodeJS framework, then he definitely has a good grip on it. If this is not the case, then, believe me, hiring the candidate is a waste of your time, money, effort, and resources. 

Because any candidate who does not implement Object-oriented Programming in the NodeJS framework is not well-versed in the skills he claims he has. And not utilizing this properly is compromising your client’s satisfaction. Hence, always check the candidate’s knowledge of object-oriented programming.

Scrolled this far, let’s take a look at our mobile apps built using NodeJS listed in this portfolio
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Problem-Solving Ability

Possessing a problem-solving ability may be a non-technical caliber but is still one of the very important ones that the candidate must possess. A software developer must have problem-solving ability when it comes to providing solutions to complex demands by clients.


All you need to do is conduct thorough and intelligent research on your consumers and previous data. This is the sole instrument available to assist you in moving on the correct path. To do so, you'll need a sufficient amount of cloud storage space.

Surprisingly, NodeJS developers play a key part in this as well. Since there are many NodeJS frameworks and drivers, it can help you store a large amount of data.

The configuration procedure is done quickly with all of these libraries in npm. This simplifies the process of data setup and analysis.

MongoDB is one such framework that is used for database management as well as adding and receiving data. Thus, all you need is a skilled NodeJS developer team to make the best use of data. Your NodeJS partner must be knowledgeable in database administration techniques in NodeJS.

Technology is all about making things better and easier. The notion of updates enters the picture at this point. Every online application or software adds new capabilities with sophisticated functionality throughout time. Similarly, Node development requires many upgrades throughout time to increase the platform's performance.

The development of NodeJS is a fantastic opportunity for businesses. It gives them the ability to create engaging experiences for their customers. It also adds improved security, bug fixes, and other features. You'll need a competent developer team to take full advantage of it.

As a result, you'll need to recruit NodeJS developers that are up to date on current technologies.

The new enhancements play a significant part in both front-end and back-end development. Therefore, the developer must be interested in and comfortable working with the revised NodeJS interface.

Find Certified NodeJS Developers - How Can We Help?

Narola Infotech has seen the software industry revolutionize. Being in the industry for this long gives you a good knowledge of the know-how of it. Our board of experts is well-versed in the trends of the industry and thus, ropes in ideal candidates to meet client requirements.

Let’s put it this way. What do you look for in a tech partner?

  • Their experience (Narola Infotech has 17+ years of experience)
  • Their workforce (Narola Infotech has more than 350 IT experts)
  • The projects they have completed (We have completed more than 3000 projects in diverse industries and technologies)
  • What their previous clients have to say (We have a Clutch rating of 4.9/5)

We are a company that provides Node.JS Web Application Development Services at reasonable rates. Our highly qualified and experienced NodeJS developers will support you right from the initial brainstorming session through project implementation and post-delivery services.

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It is best to have a proper discussion before hiring NodeJS developers for excellent NodeJS web development services because you want the best to join your lead. Understand their capabilities, and thoroughly understand their expertise. Have a good preliminary talk. Follow the aforementioned points, and you are good to go.

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