April 27, 2023


Mrunali Gaikwad


Flutter has grown exponentially over the last few years, presenting better opportunities for cross-platform development. As a Flutter app development company, we swear by its exceptional development capabilities. However, when you decide to onboard this technology for your next project, you need to make sure it’s handled by the most skilled people. 

Flutter has been used by over 2 million developers around the world. Around 500,000 of them use it monthly for their projects. This means you have to pick your team or an expert from a large talent pool. 
But how to hire an excellent Flutter developer when you have so many choices? This blog is going to be all about it.

Flutter’s Growing Popularity

Google released Flutter in 2018 with the objective of cross-platform application development (for desktop, mobile, and web). Within a year Flutter overshadowed React Native on the popularity bar which was acknowledged by GitHub and StackOverflow. Because of the great convenience and development benefits it offers, Flutter is continually used for various projects, has a growing community, and receives good ratings every year.


What Makes Flutter So Preferable?

Although we have discussed this several times in our previous blogs, here’s a brief.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Flutter uses a single codebase to build applications that are cross-platform compatible and offer the same performance across various platforms. 

  • Faster Development 

Flutter allows better collaboration and code updates with its Hot Reloading feature. While this does not affect the development speed directly, it significantly impacts the time taken for the updates to reflect within the code in real-time. 

  • Smooth Performance 

Flutter is based on Dart which is an object-oriented programming language. It can compile into native codes without any third-party widgets. This helps in improving the overall performance.  

  • Cost Effectiveness 

Flutter is free, open-source, and compatible with various platforms. It requires a single code base to build cross-platform applications which reduces the overall development time. Thus, this helps in reducing overall Flutter app development cost.


While this is a simple brief about Flutter’s advantages, to understand this better,

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This brief about Flutter seems enough for now. Let’s dive right into our blog’s main concern. 

What to Consider When You Hire Flutter App Developers? 

The Flutter developer(s) you hire would be responsible for the successful completion and launch of your app. Since app development often puts a lot of resources at stake, you need to be careful with your decisions. Here are a few aspects that should be considered before you finalize and hire Flutter developers for your project.  


 1. Native Mobile App Development Experience 

Developers who lack native mobile app development experience are likely to have knowledge gaps. Thus problem-solving can get time-consuming for them. This often creates space for uncertainty and increases costs. Developers who have a better understanding of native app development and their best practices would be able to find optimal solutions in less time. 

2. Cross-Platform Development Experience 

For smaller projects, looking for someone who can develop for two platforms i.e. Android and iOS. This way you will be able to release your project on different platforms in less time. With the certainty that the developer is aware of the specifications and differences of both platforms, there’s a better chance for good results. 

3. Willingness to Learn and Upgrade Their Skills 

Flutter is a constantly evolving technology. To make its best use, upgrading skills is necessary. When you hire a Flutter expert, make sure they have the spirit of learning and also hands-on experience of the latest Flutter version. Flutter is a relatively younger technology. Therefore, many of its use cases are unexplored and there are only a few libraries for out-of-the-box integrations.  

Necessary Skills to Look For In a Flutter Developer 

Most of the time developers are required to work in collaborative environments. Therefore, only assessing their technical skills may not be enough. Along with understanding their software development and testing skills, make sure you pay attention to their professional relationships and how well they can communicate things. Here are the skill sets that a Flutter app developer should have: 

Hard Skills 

  • Knowledge and experience of using Dart programming language. 
  • In-depth understanding and relevant experience of the framework. 
  • Native Android and iOS mobile app development experience. 
  • Various state management approaches like GetX, MobX, and more. 
  • Experience and skills of using native programming languages (Swift and Kotlin). 
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL, Git, and Gof Design Patterns.  

Soft Skills 

  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills 
  • Creative analysis for innovative projects 
  • The ability to collaborate for work in teams   

Why Is It Important to Hire an Experienced Flutter Developer? 

Despite the fact that Flutter is a cross-platform development framework, the developer you hire should have a legit native development experience. Let’s not forget, development is rarely straightforward. Various problems are likely to come-up now and then. Only experienced developers would be able to handle problematic situations and pave their own way out of it. 

You might hiring a Flutter developer for the following possible scenarios: 

  • New product launch 
  • Maintenance of an existing app/software 
  • Rebuilding an existing software 
  • Turning a native app into cross-platform 
  • Converting a web application to mobile app 

While all of these scenarios require perfect implementation, you need to make decisions carefully. For example, when you want to launch a new product from scratch, it would be best to hire Flutter software development firm. This way you will get a full-fledged team of developers, designers, and quality analysts led by a project manager to make sure everything is on point. Thus you’re ensured that you are investing resources correctly.

Want to Build a Flutter App From Scratch? Our Team of Experts Is All Set! [Hire a Dedicated Team]

How to Hire Flutter App Developers For Your Project? 

When we tell you to make decisions based on facts, we mean it. Before we discuss the various sources and ways to hire Flutter app developers for your project, there’s something important you should know - your project specifications and requirements. 

Only by knowing your project’s requirements well, will you be able to onboard the best developers or a team. Once you’ve done all the research and understood your requirements well, it's time to explore the various engagement models for hiring developers. 

In-House Team 

You can on-board in-house developers or an entire team for your project. In-house teams are great for large projects that require full-time support post-development and constant updates. 

However, this might be a reliable solution only when your business is mainly about software development. Hiring an in-house team is generally time-consuming and also takes up a lot of resources (workspace, salaries, employee benefits).



Freelancer Flutter developers are a good choice for smaller projects that would be completed in a short time. They generally charge per hour or per task. You can easily find freelancers from platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. 

However, these freelancers may be from a different time-zone and speak a different language than yours. Also, since they are working in an unsupervised environment, collaboration with your in-house team may be difficult for them.


Hire a Dedicated Team 

This hiring model is a great fit for businesses of all sizes and directions. Hiring a dedicated team from a Flutter app development company gives you access to all suitable, pre-vetted talents and skills. 

They ensure smooth communication and on-time project delivery irrespective of time-zone differences. Also your project is well managed by experienced project heads which offers better reliability. Make sure you research well before handing over your project to a specific firm. Spend some to know more about them through their portfolios, case studies, and reviews from platforms like Clutch.


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