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Let's face it, running a successful healthcare practice isn't just about expertise.

It's a constant juggle of appointments, billing, scheduling, and a mountain of administrative tasks. You've got years of expertise in your field, but handling the business side of things?

This isn't what you signed up for! You don't have the time or mental space to track down payments and deal with the business aspects of your healthcare practice.

So, what's the plan?

Easy! Get a Virtual Medical Assistant!

They'll handle the chaos, leaving you free to do what you do best: treat patients and make a real difference in their lives. 

What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?

A Virtual Medical Assistant is a remote professional or software program that uses technology to assist healthcare providers as well as patients with administrative, technical, and communication tasks, to improve efficiency, productivity, and patient experience, and reduce costs.

For patients, healthcare virtual assistants (HVA) offer convenience and accessibility. They can schedule appointments, answer basic health questions, refill prescriptions as well as offer emotional support.

For healthcare providers, HVAs become even more powerful time-management tools. They can manage calendars and patient records, transcribe notes and reports, follow up with patients, and reduce administrative burden.

10 Best Virtual Medical Assistants to Boost Efficiency

Ada Health

Ada-Health-Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Ada Health is a leading healthcare virtual assistant designed to provide personalized health assessments. Furthermore, it utilizes artificial intelligence to understand symptoms, assess medical history, and offer relevant insights.

Key Features: 

  • Personalized health assessments
  • 24/7 symptom checker
  • Connects users to healthcare providers
  • Educational Health Information Library
  • Integrates with wearable devices

Buoy Health

Buoy-Health-Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Buoy Health provides users with a conversational interface for assessing symptoms and finding appropriate care. Its features include dynamic triage, personalized recommendations, educational content, real-time updates on health conditions, as well as integration with local healthcare services for appointment scheduling and telemedicine.

Key Features:

  • Symptom checker and diagnosis suggestions
  • Medical information library
  • Self-care and treatment options
  • Connects users to healthcare providers
  • Integrates with wearable devices


VA.Care Healthcare Virtual Assistant

VA.Care takes the lead as one of the most reliable healthcare virtual assistants in the market. Designed with user-friendly features, it caters to many tasks, from scheduling appointments to setting reminders. VA Care understands natural language, making interactions feel like a conversation rather than a command.

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Key Features:

  • Health and Wellness Monitoring
  • Calendar Integration
  • Real-time Updates
  • Customizable Settings


Customized quote based on needs. Starts around $8/hour.


Medva Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Meet Medva, your personal health & wellness coach. It creates plans tailored just for you, monitors your health stats, as well as reminds you to take your meds. Additionally, it's a pro at connecting you with doctors through video calls.

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Key Features:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Insurance verification
  • Medical billing
  • Coding and documentation


Starts at $7/hour for a dedicated virtual medical assistant. Bulk discounts available


GingerDesk Healthcare Virtual Assistant

GingerDesk is like a helpful assistant, just for your medical practice. They're a team of trained virtual assistants who specialize in supporting doctors, therapists, and also other healthcare providers. Think of them as an extra pair of hands (and brain!) to handle all the administrative tasks that take up your time, like:

Key Features:

  • Booking appointments and managing schedules
  • Paperwork and Billing
  • Flexibility and Affordability
  • Healthcare-Focused Expertise


SOAP Healthcare Virtual Assistant

SOAP is infused with cutting-edge conversational and generative AI capabilities to streamline intricate medical procedures. Powered by advanced algorithms, SOAP accelerates the patient admission process, while its risk and symptom assessment features liberate valuable mental bandwidth for healthcare professionals.

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Key Features:

  • Voice/text conversations
  • Automated charting
  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Structured data output


Mediktor Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Mediktor, a clever AI-based healthcare virtual assistant designed to aid healthcare experts in sorting and figuring out possible treatments early on. On the other hand, this platform is excellent at checking what might be wrong based on a patient's symptoms and quickly suggests what to do next in just a few minutes.

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Key Features

  • Symptom Analysis and Triage
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration with Healthcare Providers
  • User-Friendly Interface


Customized based on usage and needs.


Nuance Healthcare Virtual Assistant

With its virtual assistant features, Nuance excels in automating repetitive tasks within the healthcare industry. The integration of voice functionality ensures convenient access to information, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

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Key Features:

  • Voice EHR documentation
  • Conversation documentation
  • Virtual scribing
  • Clinical decision support


Quotes based on needs.

Build a Custom Healthcare Virtual Assistant


Florence Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Many patients jeopardize their health by not adhering to prescribed medication. Florence, however, serves as a reminder for users to take their medication or birth control pills. It not only encourages adherence to regimens but also provides specific information about the medicines.

Key Features

  • Health Tracker
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Health data tracking
  • Recording patient notes 


Medphine Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Medphine's Live Virtual Assistance is a big help for busy doctors. It gives them professional support to handle patient care and administrative tasks. This way, doctors can focus completely on patients, making them happier as well as getting better ratings.

Key Features:

  • Clinical-level patient charting
  • Reduced documentation errors
  • Accelerated appointments
  • Improved coding for reimbursement


Customized quotes based on needs.

How Can a Healthcare Virtual Assistant Improve Your Practice?


Increased Focus on Patient Care

Incorporating a healthcare virtual assistant allows healthcare professionals to redirect their energy toward direct patient care. By automating routine administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and billing inquiries, doctors, nurses, and administrators can prioritize their expertise where it matters most—improving the overall patient experience.

Improved Patient Engagement

The adoption of virtual assistants in healthcare helps in better patient communication through automated processes. Additionally, from sending personalized appointment reminders to delivering follow-up messages, facilitating pharmacy automation, and disseminating important health information, healthcare professionals can ensure meaningful engagement with patients, ultimately enhancing the patient-provider relationship.

Efficient Data Utilization

Managing copious amounts of patient data is a daily challenge for healthcare professionals. Thus, virtual assistants prove instrumental in organizing and retrieving patient information promptly. This streamlined data management system promotes quicker decision-making and fosters collaboration among healthcare team members.

Optimized Appointment Management

An intelligent healthcare virtual assistant takes charge of appointment scheduling and coordination, minimizing scheduling conflicts as well as optimizing healthcare professionals' time. This not only ensures a more organized workflow but also contributes to improved patient punctuality and overall operational efficiency.

Precision in Clinical Documentation

A healthcare virtual assistant serves as a valuable aid in the creation and maintenance of clinical documentation. Its assistance ensures accurate and timely recording of patient information, contributing to a reduction in errors and an enhancement of the overall quality of healthcare services provided.

Real-Time Information Access

One of the significant advantages of a healthcare virtual assistant is its provision of real-time access to critical information. For example, instant retrieval of patient records, test results, and treatment plans, empowering healthcare professionals with the timely insights needed for effective decision-making.

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Tailored Alerts and Notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications generated by virtual assistants prove invaluable in ensuring healthcare professionals stay informed about important events. From medication reminders to critical test results as well as upcoming patient appointments, these tailored notifications enable proactive and timely interventions.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

The seamless integration capability of virtual assistants with current healthcare systems, electronic health records (EHRs), various types of healthcare software and other applications is also a key feature. As a result, this ensures a smooth transition without disrupting established workflows, allowing for the effective incorporation of these digital tools.

Resource Allocation Efficiency

Beyond automating tasks, a healthcare virtual assistant contributes to cost efficiency by optimizing resource allocation. The reduction in the need for additional administrative staff allows healthcare organizations to allocate resources more effectively. Thus, focusing on delivering high-quality patient care.

Robust Security and Compliance

Virtual assistants are designed with robust security measures, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. This commitment to data confidentiality as well as integrity provides healthcare professionals with a secure and trustworthy digital tool in their pursuit of improved patient care.

Get a Virtual Medical Assistant to Level Up Your Practice!

Virtual Medical Assistants are still evolving, but their potential is undeniable. They promise a future of improved patient engagement, increased provider efficiency, and ultimately, a more accessible and positive healthcare experience for everyone. Thus, investing in a healthcare virtual assistant isn't just a trend, it's a strategic move towards a thriving future.

Reach out to us anytime! We’d be happy to discuss tailoring a healthcare virtual assistant to meet your practice's unique needs. Let's collaborate to ensure your practice not only survives but thrives in the modern era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A Healthcare Virtual Assistant (HVA) is a software program or a remote human professional that leverages technology to assist healthcare providers and patients with administrative, technical, and communication tasks.

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