February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


Design and Look

It is well-known fact that Apple has done biggest experiment with the design and look of the iPhone 6. Its increased size and sleek look were never seen before in its previous smartphones. But, the same has not done wonders for the iPhone 6 because if we look at the other smartphone companies in the market – they have already launched something similar in look long before Apple did it. Thus, nothing new was there regarding design and look of iPhone 6. Hence, it was not accepted the way it was estimated.

Nothing New

As far as features are concerned, there was nothing new in iPhone 6. What all company did is – nothing more than upgrading the features and bringing the slight difference in the way they behave. No dynamic feature was introduced that could really amaze the user to go gaga for it. The expectations of the people were very high regarding the features and functionalities, but those never saw the daylight. However, upgraded iOS and faster processor did give some sign of relief to the apple fans.

Nothing New in SDK

Apple has been always known for giving good platform to iPhone developer to develop the apps for iTunes. But, with the iPhone 6, Apple has not brought big changes in SDK. This was also one among the drawbacks.

Super Features in Competitive Smartphones

While Apple was not able to bring any prominent change in iPhone 6, on other hand and at the same time, other smartphone companies managed to bring several awesome features in their phone which were obviously way better than iPhone ones. This gave a significant drop to the sales of iPhone, specially since the second half of last financial year.

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