December 22, 2021

Dhruti Randeria


Uber clone app development looks like the easy part when it’s time to grow and launch your taxi business. Trying to influence someone is not an easy job and you will need quite a few methods to gain users and make your taxi booking app successful. 

Methods to Grow Your Uber Clone App

Wondering how to boost your taxi business? The answer is to increase your user base. To maximize your investment and make an attempt to increase your profits, utilizing many approaches will be your best hope. Making the wrong choice or implementing it incorrectly could negate your efforts. These are a few methods that can help you to boost engagement, awareness, users, and thus eventually profits.

Getting Active On Social Media

Social media is the best way to spread a message and garner an audience. In 2021, an estimated 4.48 billion people used social media! That gives your taxi booking business a chance to reach millions if not billions of users.  Many people interact and discover new businesses through social media. Being prolific with the use of social media increases your chances of converting social media followers into regular customers. You can create a strong customer base online. All you have to do is engage with your target audience by providing them with relatable and interesting content. After all, social media is all about content and the most unique content attracts the largest audience. When using social media for growth, you can choose from a number of applications. It is important to understand that each one has different content requirements and caters to different audiences. Examples of the most effective social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. 

Advertising To Your Audience 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could advertise directly to people who have shown interest in your Uber clone app? Well, one way to do this is to create various advertising campaigns by which prospective users can find your app. One particular advertising method is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In this, a third-party advertiser will advertise your advert on web pages, search results, and social media platforms. This is a paid method of advertising your app. As a result, you will have to pay every time the advert is clicked on and viewed by a user. But, the algorithms are quite precise and your ads should find their way to the right people and places. 

Referral Programs

It’s unlikely anyone will randomly install and use your app after seeing it on the app store. So, what would definitely make them start using your Uber like app? Perhaps if a close friend or a family member suggested it, they would start using it.  That’s why if you want to grow your taxi business, you must have a referral program in place. Offer users a coupon or credits if they are successful in onboarding a new user through referral. Also, give the new user a promo code as an incentive to use the app.  Are you having a bad time trying to get actual users? Referral programs are a better option to get people to download and use your app. 

Use Incentives

The use of incentives like promotions and coupons will help your app grow when it has become stagnant. It gives existing customers and new ones a reason to use the app.  Who would avoid using a coupon if it saves them money? The answer is no one! In fact, the majority of coupon users tend to become repeat users. This means that your app like Uber could benefit greatly from this tactic.  For this scheme to be successful, you have to spread the word around about the promotions/coupons you are offering. Sometimes using social media and the internet is not enough! In this case, go back to traditional methods! Use the newspaper or even leaflets. 

Media and PR Are Useful 

Using your Public relations (PR) and the local media to your advantage will be the best exposure you can get. Getting the local newspaper to write up an article about your app could promote your taxi business. You can get your message across through radio, television, and even the most effective one yet, word of mouth! This helps to educate people who are not too fond of social media and internet browsing. It especially helps people who are not too skilled in advanced technology!  Engaging in media and PR is a good way to increase your taxi booking app users and advertise your company. It also works to address any negative feedback and press. 

User and Driver Feedback

This might sound odd but feedback from both riders and drivers is crucial. Listening to the feedback of users can help to improve brand image, identify poorly-performing drivers, and enhance user satisfaction.   Additionally, updating your app helps it grow because with each update you can improve and add new features. Users want to use apps that are up to date and have the features that convenience them.  Taxi booking features of 2021 are bound to be outdated as 2022 is fast approaching. Staying ahead of the competition is important if you want to make a place for your app in the market amongst your top competitors. 

Recruitment Drive

Drivers are a very important part of a taxi booking app and making sure there are enough drivers is vital! But how does this affect the growth of your taxi booking business? Having a recruitment drive can increase your popularity and hence your growth as well.  Knowing your app is going to be providing jobs helps your business to grow and gain the trust of the public. Plus people will be more open to using your app when they know that the locals are being benefited through jobs. 


Creating an amazing clone taxi app like Uber is worthless unless you can amass a consistent user base. Making this possible relies upon spreading awareness and presenting a valid reason for people to start and keep using your app.  Using the methods just stated, your app has a good shot at connecting with the right people that need taxi services. Of course, these methods won’t guarantee an overnight change in figures. But constant implementation will definitely change the numbers for the better!

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