Major Changes with Google’s New Update 2020

Major Changes with Google’s New Update 2020

Google’s 4th May core update was rolled out globally. It is not region-specific or subjected to any criteria. Hence it is labelled as the “Broad Core Update” which is a regular exercise by the giant Google after every few months interval. Even though this update was pre-announced, this is considered as the largest update in a long time due to the impacts it has already displayed on the impressions of various companies.

In this article, we discuss the Google announced-broad May core update in-depth, its impact, and how you can possibly deal with it. Also the good and bad that is tagged along with this Google broad core algorithm update.

Google Updates in the Recent-Past

Looking Back at a few Google algorithm updates and its impact on the website in the context of search rankings, it goes as:

  • January 2020: Timeline suggests that the update before Google’s May core update was also substantial with its impact on Google Search results. However, the latest one has an even more widespread effect.
  • October 2019: This update was only responsible for its effects on the local rankings. Google upgraded its algorithm and related hardware in order to support the BERT natural language processing (NLP) model. This was executed in order to better interpret the natural language searches.
  • September 2019: Google did not provide much information at the time of this update rolling out. It was a weaker update as regarded by most SEO experts. Webmasters suggested that it had no significant impact when compared to the previous updates.


The current May core update edges out even the January one and is supposedly having a much larger impact as per the advice of the SEO community. It is going to change the dynamics of the Google search algorithm largely.

Are you Negatively Impacted by these Google Core Updates?

It is natural that with continuous updates by Google every few months, you might observe a decline in your rankings at times even though your website is perfect and constitutes of all the right things.

It is confirmed by Google that even though there might not be anything wrong with your website, you might lose your rankings and it is because you might not have the most trending or latest information or data on your website.

Google declares that there is “Nothing to Fix” in your website if you have lost rankings. Nevertheless, you cannot sit folded hands and watch your website traffic decline with every update.

Here’s a list from the experts what you can do to cope up with the changes and survive at the top every single time.

  • Evaluate your content. Yes, it is still the king. It is always going to be. There must be well-researched, relevant and comprehensive content on your website that has insights about what are your services/products and what you have to offer. Always check your website to abide by white-hat SEO only. It will take you a long way.
  • Your website must be identifiable as a well-trusted one serving authentic information and user-centric always.
  • The website should be verified for not making use of any customer data for wrong-means or without their knowledge. It should be secure for the user even if it makes use of third-party integrations.
  • Whether it is a blog post or a featured snippet, whether a search query on web or a simple social media post, the ranking algorithm will analyze it in-depth with the search algorithm update.
  • Content should not be too promotional. For eg. you might have come across websites that have their entire page painted with sponsored ads. This does not work well with the users.
  • Your website should be working seamlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms. The better the flexibility, more it would be favoured by users.


Turns out, ranking a website works on the principle of survival of the fittest. If your website is checking all the boxes you have little to worry about these updates. Yet, there is no guarantee as it is like a list of top 10 movies. Even though it might be the best list today, it is going to turn old someday and irrelevant. So, always ensure that you are in sync with the timing of market.

What do the experts say on Google’s May Core Update?

Narola Infotech is a leading custom enterprise software development company for many years now, And, we have an equally dexterous digital marketing department that provides the best SMO services. We are always watchful on the Google Core Updates as they play a massive role in how we function and often dictate a change in our marketing strategies.

Nevertheless, here’s what the best names opine about this recent updates and it might surely help in maintaining high quality work.


The May update is stronger and influencers more SERPs and positions.

The above statement is made by comparing the new update with the previous January update. The most impacted industries mentioned by them are:

  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Health
  • Pets & animals
  • People & society



Moz gives its insight through temperature tracking. And its verdict is that the May Core update showcases an insane level of heat with 103 degrees on May 4th and 112 degrees on May 5th. It is regarded as the biggest update since Aug 2018 by Moz.

Search Metrics:

They have pointed out that Google has been refocusing on the content quality and brand factors like CTR and user data now.

In Conclusion:

In short, this Google’s new core update has brought along a mixed reaction with some people stunned at losing as much as 90% of their traffic while some rejoicing at their couple of keywords ranking dramatically at the top overnight.

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