January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


Google Algorithm Updates rollout of Broad core algorithm way back in April. It has finally released the broad core algorithm update this week. As soon as Google confirmed the core update, webmaster forums, and Digital Marketing communities across the internet have filled up with discussions about how these changes are going to benefit them.

Before we go into details, let’s take a look back at Google’s official statement. According to the announcement made by Google – this is going to be the major algorithm update. The main objective of this update was to improve the way how Google finds relevant results.

Mainstream Containers

Application containerization is the keyword upon which cloud application development often hinges to change the way in which resources are deployed into the existing cloud system. This has prompted many to utilize containers since 2018 and shows no sign of stopping. Containerization would allow the cloud applications to develop better and deploy at a better speed, with the happy result of the lower bills for the cloud.

What exactly is Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

As we all know, Google Algorithm Updates makes changes to its search algorithm multiple times in a day. Google usually does not reveal much about these changes, as they come under the category of a core algorithm update.

The broad core update happens only a few times in a year, and hence one can expect some significant changes in the search results. The broad core algorithm update is rolled with the purpose of making the search results much better.

Google may have changed the way they calculate the weighting of links, the importance of the page, and other ranking factors. It is likely that Google Algorithm Updates more relevant results on this new training set and hence they pushed it ‘Live’.

Are Google Algorithm Updates targeting low-quality sites?

Google Algorithm Updates usually releases one or more changes on a daily basis to improve the search results. According to Google – losing site ranking doesn’t mean that there is something wrong or quality issues with the site.

If Google wanted to target low-quality web pages – it would focus on core rankings, instead of “low quality” content. This means this algorithm update is not meant to target low-quality sites.

How can websites recover from this update?

Google will continue to update its algorithm with the purpose of improving search results. As with any update, there may be some drops and gains.

If your website is affected by this update, you can solve the problem by making your content more relevant and informative.

Now, the question is – “What makes the content great”? Well, you will get the answer to this question in the response of the site visitor. Your content must focus on solving the user queries and problems when they make a search query.

There is no need to change the existing content. You can try to improve the quality of content with time. Make sure that the content is written after extensive research on the topic. Your ranking may improve – as Google notices those changes over time.

Besides this, one can wait for a few days before making significant changes to their website. If you take a close look at Google’s earlier updates – you will notice that Google has rolled back a few changes in the past. Keep your fingers crossed

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