November 29, 2021


Ifrah Khan


Today, eCommerce website development has transformed the retail world completely. It has revolutionized to meet the changing customer needs, behavior and to make shopping online easier for modern-day customers. And the eCommerce trends continue to witness an exponential graph and will remarkably evolve in the upcoming days. Adopting new eCommerce technologies, policy evolution, smart integration, and large customization have undoubtedly taken the eCommerce world by storm. So, if you are still confused about the future of eCommerce, these trends will help you know that it's here to stay. Also, you can incorporate these eCommerce developments into your retail business to ensure the rapid growth of your online store. Take your eCommerce business to the next level, make sure to leverage the benefits of these trends, and stay ahead of your competition.

1. Rise In Mobile Shopping

In recent years, mobile shopping has been on the rise. Customers around the world intend to buy the services and products using their tablets and smartphones. Also, online retailers have embraced the mobile-first approach as mobile shopping is accelerating with time. In 2020, about 7.26 billion mobile users were there across the globe. And, the exciting part is that this eCommerce trend will continue to rise in the following years too. With the help of their portable devices, users often make a quick check about the product before ordering it. And this makes mobile optimization a necessity for all online retailers. Furthermore, by 2022, mobile is speculated to dominate online sales by more than 50 percent share. Therefore, every eCommerce website development company must optimize its websites for smartphone users. This will help you grow your business at a higher speed.

2. Genz Consumers To Change the Business Landscape

The positive effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the eCommerce platform cannot be denied. Around 54% of the consumers increased their spending online after this pandemic hit. Though you can witness this shift in online shopping across consumers of every age group, talking about the majority, the younger generation is mainly responsible for the rise of these eCommerce trends. According to a survey, Young consumers aged between 18-34 are actively spending more time buying online products. Two out of three, i.e. 67 percent of consumers, are shopping online more than they used to do before the pandemic. Moving forward, as a great eCommerce store owner, you should focus on targeting the younger generation to uplift your sales. And to do so, focus on improving your social media marketing efforts. A maximum of young consumers who purchase from independent brands claim to find them via social media.

3. Emerging Role Of Social Media In The Ecommerce Universe

Social shoppers are increasing speedily with each passing day. With the launch of new features like the "Instagram Checkout" and "Buy" button, Social media plays a dominant role in the multi-vendor marketplace. Undoubtedly, social media has substantially changed the way we live our lives, including how we purchase things. It is an outstanding opportunity for brands to think of innovative ideas to improve their mark on social media. A good and engaging social media presence helps brands to get discovered by a large audience. With consumers investing more time on different social media channels, eCommerce businesses can collaborate with Instagram influencers. This way, you will be able to discover a large number of target audiences for your brand. Furthermore, businesses can seamlessly link their online shops or sites with social media platforms with popular platforms such as Shopify. This allows users to shop directly via their social media app. Social media sites act as channels for inspiration that allow brands a chance to be discovered by people while scrolling through their social media feeds. Social media has become an important part of our lives; its strength to influence eCommerce trends will only grow. Thus, brands should consider adopting a shopping-focused approach to their social media strategy.

4. Paving The Way For Green Consumerism

What's important is that green consumerism has seen a rise in recent times, and most importantly, brands need to take action. Around four out of ten digital consumers claim that bad environmental records influence their buying decisions. Being an eCommerce business owner, you should make an effort to create sustainable practices. These days, consumers have become more sensible, awake, and informed of environmental problems like never before. Thus, online businesses need to move forward and ensure that their practices are ecological. Above all, millennials are making their way to work on greener consumerism practices as consumers begin to feel responsible towards their planet. It will also make brands more responsible for meeting the eco-friendly needs of consumers.

5. Rise In Shopping With Independent Brands

Not only are consumers shopping online like never before, but their brand preferences and shopping habits have also evolved. Aside from focusing on environmental and sustainability practices, many consumers also lean towards buying items from independent businesses. Over half, i.e., nearly 57% of the people, claim that they like shopping with new brands for the first time. The pandemic has steered the rise in support of new businesses. This made people buy more from small businesses and support them. Some of the primary reasons to purchase from independent businesses include willingness to support entrepreneurship, interest in unique products, and so on. 6. Augmented Reality Is Changing E-commerce More than 12,000 stores by 2022 will be using AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, offering a smooth buying experience. One of the significant issues that people feel while shopping online is not being able to see the product firsthand. AR technology bridges the gap and allows shoppers to visualize the products they are willing to order. Today, new e-commerce technologies like Augmented reality can be a game-changer for online customers. With the help of AR, consumers will be able to understand their needs better and if the products satisfy their demands. Also, many eCommerce businesses have already started to use AR, which will assist them in staying ahead of their competition. In simple words, delivering more customized experiences to your users will enable better online shopping. Brands use AR to improve shoppers' experience and allow customers to explore more and test products to give them an in-person shopping experience.

7. The Future Of E-Commerce: Personalization

Over 50 percent of online shoppers state that a personalized online shopping experience is crucial. Additionally, 74 percent of marketers consider personalization as a powerful influence on improving customer relationships. To keep customers happy and satisfied, personalizing the online shopping experience is key. Online shoppers want support to find the items they need, and they value a more personalized experience. Today, eCommerce website firms are on board with this eCommerce trend and are putting more effort into improving personalization strategies to deliver a smooth shopping experience. This could be by offering discounts and communicating with customers to form a stable relationship with them. The eCommerce trends mentioned are meant to paint a clear picture of the future for online selling. Based on the information, the future looks rosy for this multi-vendor platform.

Wrapping Up:

As we are moving to 2022, keep these trends in mind. Adopting these trends can help you develop a robust presence online and will help you sell better. If you feel motivated to launch an eCommerce website for your business and are looking for a reliable eCommerce website development company, contact us. The development of eCommerce stores by professional companies guarantees good results. We offer exceptional eCommerce website development services. Our team of developers backed by years of expertise and experience in this field delivers any complex project flawlessly.

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