January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


Fleet Management is a business where one needs to take complete care of commercial vehicles carrying goods over a large geographical area. This involves the maintenance of vehicles, managing the overall finances, vehicle tracking system, arranging for a replacement in case of emergency, navigating them, etc.

Thus these myriads of tasks need to be completed in an error-free manner that can be done in the best way with an efficient fleet management system. Especially owing to the current scenario of Covid-19 Coronavirus, there is a lot of uncertainty about the rules and regulations for transportation.

In a state of lockdown implemented in various areas depending on the spread of the virus, keeping up with up-to-date information and accordingly directing your fleet of vehicles is possible only through utter automation with fleet management solutions.

Top Benefits of a Fleet Management System

Monitor Drivers

One of the most important and inseparable parts of a commercial vehicle business like trucks is that you must have complete knowledge about the drivers you employ and hire for your vehicles. They will play a vital role in making or breaking your business.

The manager of a fleet has to pay attention to improving the drivers’ efficiency and also keeping them happy by addressing the problems they face in their job. It has to be ensured that there are absolutely no cases of dangerous driving, drink and drive, reckless behavior, etc. Such things can sabotage your company’s name.

With the advanced fleet management software, it is now possible to monitor their speed, their location through GPS tracking, etc. It is also helpful to assure driver safety at all times as they lead a rather dangerous life on the road.

Even in situations like the pandemic, regular temperature checks, their health monitoring can be checked from time to time and fed in the system so there is no risk to those working for you and the clients.

Advanced Vehicle Maintenance

Whether your business is a small one with about 10 commercial vehicles or global with hundreds and thousands of vehicles to be looked after, a fleet management system can work astoundingly making it possible for you to micromanage every detail of every vehicle your company owns from one location.

A simple fleet management software is capable of handling all the activities remotely and feeding you information from time to time. Basic aspects of vehicle maintenance like fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, annual maintenance costs, insurance terms, deadlines, cleaning services, etc. everything is stored in a single-point access database.

Thus the fleet management system is robust in helping you calibrate the vehicle efficiency and assists in making decisions of adding or discarding vehicles from your fleet.

Customer Satisfaction

The bottom line of any business is to have a happy client and ace your services. With all the statistics at your disposal, formulating business strategies that work in the favor of you as well as your clients are possible.

Since every aspect of our fleet function is automated and clocked in the system, there is absolute transparency with the client. There is no delay in delivery times. If at all there is one, the idle time is either justified or given compensation for with proper information in hand.

Even at the time of estimation, like when a particular delivery shall take place and the status of your vehicle in the fleet can be accurately known. This builds a sense of complete trust for your fleet services by the client.

Optimized Operations

In today’s world, almost every industry is taking strides towards automation and digital transformation. It only makes sense that you decide to migrate your business and run it with a fleet management system.

It becomes easier to integrate the data with other effective tools and fleet management solutions to gain insights into your business. The data is arriving in real-time. There is no need for hiring additional resources to operate it. It is a simplistic investment that will offer you long-term returns.

You would end up saving big time not only by allocating proper resources, reducing fuel costs, hiring the right workforce, but you will end up streamlining your business.

Final Words:

This has been a tough situation on a global level and the lives of many have been disrupted. Every day new steps have to be taken and rules and regulations are made effective to ensure the sound health of people. In order to keep up with these dynamic circumstances, the only way you can keep running your business without chaos is by implementing a customized fleet management system.

Reach out to our team of expert developers at Narola Infotech who can assist you from the very ground to building a fleet management software that works flawlessly and covers your business entirely.

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