January 23, 2021

Leena Sanap


To develop an application, you need the help of a developer. Now, when it comes to hiring the developer, there is a certain kind of options available in the industry. Among the available options, fixed price hiring and hire a developer are the most used or preferred options. The problem is with the people who get confused between the two and do not know which option, they should go for.

Here, it is noticeable that both the options are up to the mark at their places but the difference they can make depends upon the type of project.

Benefits of Choosing Fixed Price

In this model, you need not worry about how many hours they are working in a day. You give them the deadline and fixed the amount with them. For the rest of the things, they can take care of. This kind of model is good for a one-time development project that does not require more frequent updates. If you are looking ahead to design a website, this kind of model can work better there. However, you should be wise enough to fix the price which is lesser than per hour rates for the decided period of time.

In addition, you must also check for the hidden prices, and must talk about the reduction in the prices if the project gets delayed.

Benefits of Choosing Hire a Developer

When you hire a developer for a project, you need to pay the developer or the team on the basis of their per hour prices. This option is suitable for the projects that keep on developing and upgrading throughout their life. The enterprise projects are of the same nature as they require constant upgradation and support. You cannot go for fixed price model for such projects as it can turn out to be costly for you. Also, you need not pay even a single buck to the developer when the update and support are on hold and the project is doing good with the current version. But, in fixed price model – you need to pay charges every month, does not matter whether there was any work during the month or not.

Thus, choosing the pricing model purely depends upon the nature of the project. You can also take the help of an IT consultant before selecting either of the available options. To know more about the hiring & pricing model, you can Contact US

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