January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


The world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic and although some countries have been severely affected, most of them are successfully combating the wrath of this deadly virus. The COVID-19 virus has created some unforeseen scenarios in major parts of the world as people are living in a state of lockdown, quarantine, or self-isolation.

Although there has been a physical divide among people, there is still something that is keeping the world connected. We cannot be thankful enough for the amazing discovery of the internet that has brought along the facilities on video calls and other social media.

Facebook app has brought in the great feature of group video calls. Most might say that is available with many other competitors too. But, Facebook video calls are different. What most video conferencing apps miss out is achieved by Facebook.

Why Facebook Messenger Rooms are different?

  • The most important feature of the Facebook messenger rooms is that you can invite anyone to join. There is no additional app download or video tools necessary for being a part of this group event. Even those who do not have a Facebook account can join.
  • Another breakthrough is that Facebook called messenger rooms can accommodate as many as 50 people at a time. This is a big achievement as in the current situation, many corporates and educational institutes are on the lookout for a reliable channel to reach out to each other.
  • A person can start a room and keep adding people as per requirement by sending them a link. It is also possible for the person creating the room to lock it in order to avoid any other participants to be added.
  • Unlike other video calling apps, a person does not have to call every other person to join. Anybody who is a part of the created room can choose to drop in or leave at any point of time in the ongoing call.
  • People will be notified in the news feed about an ongoing video call that they can choose to join just like Facebook live. This flexibility makes it one of the best hangout places online.

What to expect next? - Mark Zuckerberg

The man behind Facebook says that this trend of video calls where every day more than 700 million people engage in video calls, is not bound by a time limit. It will not fade. IT will only grow and slowly become a part of many other mainstream everyday activities of people around the world.

It is also ensured that all the calls are secure and the work is done and being upgraded every day to keep the rooms away from hackers.

They are also planning to release these features all over the world as it is only active in a few countries at present. The other Facebook platforms where we can expect this functionality are Instagram direct, Whatsapp, and Portal.

In Conclusion:

The Facebook Messenger rooms are a great way to keep connected with your family, friends, and colleagues for professional work too. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have somehow become an inseparable part of our lives and it is seen that in not much distant future, these video calls too would be the same. So, What are you waiting for? Create a room today for your squad!

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