March 24, 2022


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When we think about online dating, the first app that comes to our mind is Tinder. It is easy to use, feature-rich and has a large user base that increases the chances of getting a date. However, that does not mean it doesn’t have any flaws. There might be other Tinder clone apps better than it.

If you have an idea for making a dating app you feel is better than Tinder, this article is for you. It discusses Tinder alternatives, business models, and monetization models.

Tinder Alternatives

Let’s look at some of the best Tinder alternatives available in the market.



Match is one of the oldest and first online dating websites. The dating app appeals to people of all ages, from adults to the elderly. It is best for those looking for long-term connections.

Users must submit images and answer some basic questions in order to register on the dating app. It will then provide some potential matches. Basically, the app helps users to find someone with a similar personality.

To connect with someone who shares their interests, users have to use the "wink" feature and strike up a conversation. The app provides one match every day, making it easy to get one.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This Tinder clone app gives women more power by providing recommendations from men who are interested in them. They have the option of liking or passing on the matches. The app compiles a list of men who have expressed interest in a woman and then selects the best potential partner for her.

This eliminates the tedious task of swiping, giving more for matching, chatting, and dating. It's a match if both users show interest, and they can start a private discussion.

A paid version of the app is also available, which includes additional features like

  • Detailed activity reports
  • Read receipts
  • Monthly profile boost

among others.


OkCupid is an app like Tinder that uses a very creative approach to matching people. It asks multiple-choice questions to match users.

A user's profile is complete once you enter your email address and answer some of the questions. This method expedites the search process and boosts the chances of finding a possible match.

If users like or want to connect with someone, they have to select the matches option. Instead of displaying profiles with whom they may have matched, the app will display profiles of users with whom they may be compatible.


It also offers a premium subscription option that includes limitless likes, advanced filters, and other features.


Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps like Tinder in the market. However, many people feel it is superior to Tinder in a number of ways. The most significant reason is that it is women-centric. Once two users get matched, only the female user can initiate the conversation.

After they've found a match, women only have one day to start a discussion with their potential date. It will immediately expire if they do not begin the conversation. If a female user does not respond within 24 hours, the app allows men to prolong the chat window for another 24 hours.

Anyone can initiate a conversation with users of the same gender. However, the app offers a 24-hour chat window here too. Besides dating, Bumble also has options of finding new friends and expanding professional networks.

It also offers a premium subscription plan that includes great features like SuperSwipe, Bumble Boost, Beeline, and more.


Happn is a popular Tinder clone app and is based on the cross-path dating concept. The app uses social media and GPS location to find possible dates in the user’s area. When a Happn user walks past another, the app displays their bio on the timeline. It also shows the total number of instances they've encountered the same person.

It's a fantastic dating app that brings two strangers together in real life. Following a match, they might strike up a conversation with each other. Finally, users can purchase coins and add more features to improve their chances of matching.

Happn offers a paid subscription option. It has a number of features, including access to people who liked users, the ability to hide personal information, the option to rewind, and more.

Business Model for an App Like Tinder


Free Users

The free version of an app like Tinder allows consumers to access the restricted functionality of the app.

You can include advertisements as it is the most common way of making money on free apps. So, if a free user does not wish to pay, you can incorporate advertisements in the free version and generate money from ad placement in the app.

You can also include some extra in-app purchases for free users, such as additional perks for a fixed number of days for a set price. That includes extra swipes, a boost, getting listed in top profiles, among others. These features are available to free users through in-app purchases. You can add these features with the help of Tinder clone app development.

Paid users have to pay a one-time fee or a subscription cost to use advanced features for a set amount of time.

Since the customers have already paid for the membership, the app must not contain any advertisements. These paid customers should be able to use the app's entire functionality. They are free to make in-app purchases to obtain additional services that the app doesn’t include in the monthly subscription benefits.

Monetization Model for a Tinder Clone App

Freemium Model

This model is for those users who do not want to pay to use the app. As discussed in the “Free Users” section, this type of model earns revenue through ads and in-app purchases. It is advisable that you start with this if you are just launching your app.

Since this version won’t have any premium features and will restrict usability, users might opt for a paid version. However, it depends on how you take the user from free to premium. You can take the help of push notifications and other options through Tinder clone app development.

Premium Model

This model is the one through which you will earn the most revenue. So it is important that the features you offer in this version work flawlessly. You can offer either one subscription plan or many depending on what suits you.


Different plans can include different features, and users can select the ones they find most useful. You can even offer a customized plan where users will add the features they need. The app can calculate the cost accordingly.

In Conclusion

We hope this article answered most of your questions about the dating industry. That will make it easier to not only come to a decision but also to understand your vision for it.

Narola Infotech is a Tinder like dating app development company that has made many similar apps. If you need any help in making a dating app, feel free to contact us.

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