The mobile marketing industry has grown phenomenally in recent times and it is observed that if you pick any mobile app development company in the market today, it is thriving. With the advent of better connectivity, the world is evolving at a great pace. This blog will introduce you to one such evolution that has helped marketers gain good returns. Let’s understand what Geofencing technology is all about.

What is Geofencing Technology?

A location-based service that uses GPS, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), WiFi, or Cellular Data to trigger an action when the device enters-exits a particular parameter is called Geofencing.

The technology enables real-time tracking of movement in and out of the fencing set which is used to initiate target marketing. It is done via push notification, text, email, social media alert, or video advertisement.

There are two types of geofence namely, active geofence and passive geofence. An active geofence depends on user activity and uses location trackers like GPS/RFID to initiate action on the screen. Whereas, a passive geofence is always active and uses WiFi/Cellular Data to track location in order to initiate action in the background.

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