February 4, 2021


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We live in a technology-infused era where almost every activity be it business or entertainment is carried out on a digital platform. In a world of social media, the meaning and definition of travel experiences have changed.

Comfort and luxury in the travel industry are not limited to the elite. Travel agencies, airline companies, travel booking agencies, etc. all are striving on their individual front to improve customer services by making use of online flight booking app development.

While online flight booking app is an ancillary source of revenue for airlines, travel apps have become a primary media for catering to customers for many small and large, international businesses.

This has raised the necessity of hiring a flight booking app development company for everyone who wants to stay abreast and also successfully generate maximum revenue in the industry. A well-strategized flight booking app development is inevitably going to improve your customers’ loyalty and boost revenue for you.

As a pre-requisite, you must understand your users’ requirements and create a long-term plan to develop a travel app for flights that suffices all their needs with respect to flight bookings.

Why do travelers prefer an Online Flight Booking App?

Today mobile apps are developed for almost everything. Whether it is food delivery, pharmacy, medical appointments, salon services, taxi-booking app, eCommerce, etc. there is a mobile application created for it.

This has proved that a large section of people now relies on methods of accomplishing their needs through mobile devices instead of physically visiting a center for those services. The increased customer engagement for mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms holds equal significance and potential to flourish for flight booking apps.

So, enlisted here are a few things that the audience likes about travel app development.

Search Flight Options:

The primary reason is that a traveler is able to check the best option to fly on a particular date time, destination, airlines, etc. Depending on their flexibility and budget, they can plan an entire return trip, to and from, simply with a few clicks on the flight booking app.

Choice of Seats:

A lot of travelers are paranoid about the seats allotted to them by random selection or end up paying quite an amount for a seat of their choice. This is avoided when they get a complete view of available seats on the mobile app.

Huge Savings:

For anyone who is hooked to planning online travel will vouch for the fact that you undoubtedly save big on the money ground by making use of flight booking apps. There are many deals/discounts/packages available from time to time.

Added Advantages:

There are some other remarkable features like online check-in assistance, booking meals beforehand as per your preference, feedback from other users helping to make a decision based on the reviews, etc. that help travelers in some way or the other.

Now that the audience perspective is clear, and, it is established that investing in a flight booking app is profitable for you, here’s how you can create an app that improves your customer’s experience.

How to Create the Best Online Flight Booking App?

By leveraging the following functionalities and a little more attention to detail can give you an extra edge in being the most-preferred flight booking app for travelers.

Push notifications

Right from the booking of a flight to final boarding, you can provide assistance to the user. Keeping them up to date with the boarding time, allowing them to set reminders, sending alert messages, etc. should be organizable with your app. Always take care that you do not go overboard with the notifications and there is always an option for them to turn it off.

Such alert messages can be of great help when a person is traveling in critical weather conditions or there is snow, storm, heavy rains, fog, etc. The passenger of the flight may also be notified of any delays or layovers. This increases the dependency of a traveler on your app.

Social Media Integration

Your app must be inevitably integrated with all the major social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A user should be able to share the information on your app directly with others via these platforms.

Not only is it convenient for the users, but it is also very influential in making a name for your app. The easy sharing option will increase the number of users through referrals.

Things to do at a destination

The millennial generation is quite adventurous when it comes to traveling and exploring new places. A segment in your application that highlights the hidden treasures of a city or destination the person is traveling to engages them with your content.

You can connect them to the local delicacies, most famous food joints, remarkable places that only the locals could know. You can even provide them with the best way to get to a place on a small budget.

Real-time customer support

Traveling to an unknown place comes with its own set of struggles. If your app can act as a companion that is available 24*7 for support, there cannot be anything better to ask for. Simple information like an estimated tariff, maps, etc. can take you a long way.

Broaden your Inventory

Be limitless when it comes to inclusion. Your app should have up-to-date information about all airlines spanning across all airports and flights coming in and flying out in the locations your app is active.

Customer feedback

Immediately after the journey is complete always ask your users to provide some sort of feedback. This helps you improve and also fix any issues faced by them while their journey with your mobile application. Always offer re-engagement programs that motivate them to keep coming back and interacting with your flight booking app.

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