January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


Education, Learning, and development have always changed their course. With newer techniques and learning objectives changing, learning strategies also evolve. It predominantly changes the learning process, the content development, subject matter, and of course the tools employed for the same.

We live in an era of digitization where there is a centered approach to making everything omnipresent and easily accessible with the aid of the internet. It has inevitably led to a massive boost in the development and progress of various e-learning platforms.

Learner engagement and employee engagement both are unequivocally the pillars for the formulation of all eLearning strategies. There are numerous eLearning techniques being researched and experimented with every day. And, in order to bring them on a digital platform like an eLearning website or mobile apps, and eLearning development company is being approached.

eLearning application development involves a variety of applications being created. Right from learning management systems (LMS) that is quite popular currently to live video streaming classes or mobile apps and websites with an enormous amount of study material. Each of these developments and eLearning techniques requires a team of developers to take a different approach.

In this article, however, we focus on the principal aspects of eLearning Strategies or the eLearning Techniques that will make your e-learning experiences unique and inviting to your audiences that involve equal participation of tutors and students.

Elearning Strategies That Will Make a Difference

Know Your Audience:

The key to any successful venture even if it is exploring a new medium for the mainstream yield like education necessitates that you are able to identify and be on the same page as your users. By knowing exactly what they want and striking the right chords, offering what they want on a platter is the secret key to success.

All eLearning Strategies have teachers, students, and their parents at the focal point of its development. The more you create learning as well as teaching easier and better for them, the more they will utilize your eLearning application.

Your first goal is to find the “WHY?” a user is seeking your services. Next, is to give them the best platform where they observe that their needs are met to the maximum potential.

Make eLearning Interactive:

eLearning brings to you students from all walks of life. Each of them has a different level and pace of understanding. You have to create a method that caters to each of these students. Some consider it a con of online courses that there is no interaction between the tutor and the learner.

But, it’s time to bust the myth. In a situation like the recent Coronavirus pandemic where educating students in the security of their homes was without a doubt the only choice, it was eLearning that came to the rescue of most students. Moreover, the videos or online lectures are all the more helpful to students as they can get back to the saved content whenever required.

eLearning Strategies for an interactive environment is to go closest to being present in a classroom and make use of all the tools available online for it to be better. With options like live streaming, discussion of test papers, most important topics for exams, answer keys to tests, etc. interaction may be boosted.

Pay attention to creating learning courses or modules that are short and impactful. To explain a concept, examples from real-life and case studies are most efficient in conveying the message and clearing the doubts.

Build An Aesthetically Appealing eLearning Platform:

Your target audience is ultimately kids. A serious or gloomy UI/UX interface will definitely not attract the attention of these young and inquisitive minds. Ensure that the visual design of your eLearning application is paid equal attention to just as the duration of your learning program or eLearning techniques.

Hire the best team of eLearning application developers with an instructional designer to guide them to build an effective platform.

Help Your Audience with Insights:

To continue using any platform, the students and parents should be able to see their growth and progress. You can prove share instant results for tests, create reports in the form of graphs showing the progress of a student.

With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is also possible to guide them in areas that need them to put in the extra effort. Even teachers can know the status and how well their students are p[erforming academically with the statistical reports generated.

These data available in real-time can serve greatly and make your users rely on the application.

Hook your Users with Good Content:

There is a pool of eLearning platforms on the internet. Your eLearning Strategies are the key that will keep you afloat in the otherwise drowning competition. The users are here to access your application only because it offers something unique and much better than the rest.

Keeping the user in mind here’s what you can do:

For Students:
  • Bring the best team of experts on board to create a syllabus and study material.
  • Hire the best set of teachers that will conduct lectures and solely be the driver of your eLearning platform as they lay at the heart of it.
  • Conduct short tests, quizzes, puzzles, and also games based on concepts of learning.
  • Offer news, announcements, and push notifications for mobile apps about information related to exam timetables, government, and education ministry announcements.

For Teachers:
  • An easy way for them to conduct classes, monitor student’s performance, maintain records of test results, etc.
  • Ease of browsing/handling the content.
  • Maximum features for ease in teaching and a customized dashboard.
  • Reliable sources and medium to procure Informative material to make teaching fun and interesting.

In Conclusion:

Online education and teaching have already revolutionized and are expected to continue doing so in the upcoming years. It is going to be the next big thing in the education industry and an extremely powerful one. There is definitely no turning back and now would be a good time to get started and investing in eLearning app development or even an eLearning website. All you have to focus on is having remarkable eLearning strategies in place.

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