February 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


Nowadays, HR’s responsibilities towards the organization have been increased. From managing the employee details to recruiting new ones, everything has to be done by human resource department. The latest challenge that they are facing is to check the background of the employees. With certain experiences that have shown how candidates are doing bad to the companies, it has become mandatory to check the background of the aspirants thoroughly. Among the various ways to do that, the most effective one is to check about the same on social media.

In this fast paced world, there will be hardly any individual who is not available on social media. The aspirants applying for any position in your company must be call for interview only after checking its background on various social media channels. You can try these networks:


Almost every young and educated young Indian is available on Facebook. You can check the posts and other activities of the candidate on the same. It will give you an idea about his thought process, his interest and the type of people, he deal with. Also, it will let you know about his nature and behavior as people behave accordingly on the social media channels. This will you a good brief about the candidate.


Same as Facebook, it’s popularity is incredible. Twitter will tell you about the topic of interest of the candidate. This will make his image more clear in your mind. The type of #tags he use and the type of people he follow will speak about his personal orientation towards the society and nation. It will also help you in judging his mindset.


This is the platform that actually give a lot of professional information about the candidate. It will also show the professional aspect of the candidate. If he is posting anything other than professional thing, then he is not much genuine and mature. The endorsement will show the acceptability of his skills among his connections. In addition, you can also check the relation with the previous employes if he is still having good bond with them or not. It will help you a great deal in knowing his professionalism.

There are other social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram that can help you in knowing more about the candidate. However, above mentioned ones will do more of the needful. Along with this social channels help in business development as well and for that you can go for Social Media Optimization for your business.

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