January 22, 2021


Leena Sanap


In 9 out of 10 cases, mobile app testing remains up to the codes, User Interface (UI) and UX. The irony is no one talks or cares about the environment and the system in which the application is functioning. It is noticeable that they both an important part and hence, testing the same is equally significant. There are a number of mobile app testing tools that are available.

Check the software used in Mobile App Testing

To do so, first of all, you have to figure out on what software your app relies. How much memory is it using? You can do this at the time of alpha or mobile app beta testing. This will give you a fair idea about the things that need to go undergo the test. But, here you must also understand that certified testers and the automated system are capable of testing GUI, operating system and codes, but they cannot be trusted with the environment or system testing. Then, how you are gonna do it. Let’s know it here.

Know the usage and purpose of the app

The test for the system comes into the picture right from the step when app testers begin to develop a strategy for testing the codes of the application. This is one of the main checks in mobile app testing jobs. You must know about the usage purpose of the app, the type of audience that will be using it and how they will use it. Such information can be derived from App Analytics. This will help the testers to find the test cases for system information.

Understand the use of the application

To move deeper, you must know about the use of the application. How the app behaves when you use it for the higher time period, what happens when you use it while your device is charging and is using the application making your device hotter. This will help in generating the second range test cases for the testers.

Battery consumption

Further, you must also keep a strict check on how much battery the app is consuming. What are the features of the app that are taking up most of the memory? This step is very crucial. Here, you have to check it from every possible angle. This can be another test case for the testers. The people always complained about the battery consumption, and they stay away from the apps which eats a lot of memory. Thus, testing for it must be intense.

Check the hardware in use in mobile testing of the application

The application can be loaded with n number of features and functionalities. But, here – you must have to look for how it is dealing with hardware of the device. Is the hardware system capable enough to deal with the app or is it finding it complicated? Here. you have to consider the fact that hardware must be supporting other applications on the device too. Thus, the testers need to develop cases for hardware test as well. This will further strengthen the quality of the application.

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