January 19, 2021

Leena Sanap


Microsoft, the tech giant, has brought bigger up-gradation in its Quantum development kit in form of better debugging abilities to enhance its performance.

The kit was released towards the end of the last year and was specially introduced for the developers. They are into web development and do not have much knowledge of quantum physics. However, they can develop quantum mechanics. It works well with Microsoft Studio IDE, which further enables them to learn the coding skills using Q# (Q Sharp) programming language.

In order to make better the quality of the codes, Microsoft, in June, released a new feature for improved debugging.

How is the Quantum Development Kit of Microsoft helpful?

These crucial steps to improve the development environment for Quantum Build is being done to make the developers take more interest in this particular section rather than being more focused on Windows PC because the future is Quantum computers.

Earlier this year, Microsoft has released a lightweight version of the Quantum development kit for macOS and Linux.

What is the strategy of Microsoft’s competitors?

Other big players in the market are equally putting the interest in Quantum computing and pushing their developers towards the same. Thus, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in bringing better changes in this particular section. Microsoft has realized that Windows has suffered a lot due to its late updates and features up-gradation and hence, they do not want to repeat the same mistake.

In March, even Google unveiled Bristlecone, which is an advanced Quantum processor and is also better than IBM’s 50 Qubit processor released in November month of last year. With this epic product, Google wants to have Supremacy. They tend towards developing it to the point where they can easily perform the tasks which are impossible with present age computers.

Even IBM on the launch of its 50 qubit processor has shared their plan on Quantum computing. The company is joining hands with other major IT giants to work on the commercial applications of that segment.

Intel is not much behind in quantum computing applications as the company has recently launched a 49 Qubit processor which will help them in demonstrating and designing better chips for their computing system. Intel’s tangle lake did not delay much after the launch of 17 Qupid processors launched by QuTech.

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