January 25, 2021


Leena Sanap


Mobile Apps vs Web Portals which is a better option? Before jumping to that conclusion let us know why. It is important to know what is the website used for. Online shopping apps, whether mobile or web, are making a great impact on the users. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in the online shopping. It is expected to increase multi-folds in the coming future. But, here the question is: Who among the developers of Mobile Apps or those of Web Portals make the largest impact in the mind of the user to purchase anything online and who among them is the better platform to shop.

Advantages with eCommerce Apps

eCommerce mobile apps are handy. You can search any item on the go. Also, it is easier to make a purchase through mobile as the same remains with you. The shopping sites do send notification about their upcoming hot deals. When you have a mobile app, you directly receive the notification. On the other hand in case of the web portal you need to login to your account in order to have the same. There are several instances when you have nothing to do and look to go shopping. However, going to the store again takes so much of time. At such times, e-commerce mobile apps can be your savior and you can buy anything you want.

Advantages of Mobile Apps vs Web Portals in Online Shopping Portals

The web shopping portals provide ease of accessibility. It becomes easier for the customer to search the things on desktop or laptop than on mobile. Further, web shopping portals offer great visuals of the product. The reason for that is a wider screen whereas in mobile you have limited space to visualize the selected products. It is always quite good to make the payment through widescreen gadgets than on smartphones. The main cause of it is easier and quicker keyboard to type on. The main drawback of it is that you miss on notifications. Moreover, all-time purchase option is not possible as you cannot be in front of the desktop or laptop all the time.

Final Verdict of Mobile Apps vs Web Portals

If you are checking out Mobile-Apps vs Web-Portals. Both have their share of limitations and advantages. Thus, in this case, both of them is a winner. However, those who shop online very frequently can go with the mobile apps and the occasional buyers can go with online shopping portals. If you choose cell phones it is very important that the development of a mobile application from a good IT company is taken care of.

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