February 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


Android has the largest share in the mobile industry. This clearly indicates that most of the mobile phone users possess Android phones. But, in spite of the figures supporting this open source mobile operating system, it is considered as inferior to iOS. Now, the question is what is there in android that keep it back in the race.

While we looked at the different perspective of the android phones, we found that android apps somewhat lack in the quality, but when we deepened our research – we found following things:

  1. Around 82% of the android apps have some bug in them.
  2. 69% of the android apps have not been updated since more than a year.
  3. 38% of the android apps have major issues and flaws in functioning.
  4. Around 64% of the apps do not offer rich user experience.

These hacks in android applications make it inferior to iOS. When we tried to discover reason behind poor quality of most of the android apps, we held following reason responsible for the same:

No Quality Check

When an android application is developed and uploaded to the Google Play Store, there is no quality check in the process. Any damn app can be placed in the store. So, android developer, who do not have much of the knowledge about developing a good app, can also successfully place his app in the store. On other hand, iTunes only accept quality applications.

Absence of Quality Android App Developer

When you search the term ‘Android Developer’, you will find ‘N’ number of developers out there, but the problem is only few of them have deep knowledge of android platform and possess key skills. Most of the time an individual happen to choose wrong developer for android app development which results in sinking of an mind-blowing app idea.

Budget Problem

There are a good number of android apps that have everything great with them but have not been updated since long because of limited budget or no money on the developer side. Such android apps can be revived if there can be a community of the investors who can raise some funds and can donate the same to developers to get the application updated and up on the play store again.

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