January 28, 2021


Leena Sanap


Digital marketing trends have changed a lot especially in the last couple of years. With the arrival of the latest technologies, it has become more challenging and technical. It is clear from what has happened in the previous year that Digital Marketing services are in their transformation period now. We have observed the movement of the market and how DM is changing pertaining to the same, pretty closely. These are the probable changes that are on their way to strike or affect it. Let’s have a look over them:

Twitter has undoubtedly ruled the industry for a good five years. Now the elite period of this major social media giant is gone. LinkedIn has progressively hit the market and is on the way to becoming the crown on social media networks. The data analysis of the previous year clearly speaks in favor of LinkedIn. While Twitter has the worst performance. Though it has come with significant changes like – increasing the word limit for the tweet, it has not helped Twitter much. Thus, if you are a social media planner, executive, or manager, you must look closely at the LinkedIn profile and strategy.

Behavioral Marketing & AI Rule Begins:

Over the years, we have seen the traditional methods in online marketing ruling for a huge period of time. Now, those days are gone. Artificial intelligence and behavioral marketing are taking it to a new level. The tool's pattern design is to read the mood, interest, and move of the users. The analysis tools work day-in, day-out. They give a productive result in the online promotion business. The findings clearly indicate that artificial intelligence is now going to play a major part in advertising your business up to scale.

Influencer Marketing will get even Bigger:

Although plain marketing methods have been able to give productive results to this day, they are now getting older and people are not getting much influenced by them. Influencer marketing is raising high. The ROI that it produces is way higher than a plain form of digital marketing trends. Also, they last for a long time and leave a much greater impact. In the last year, we have seen people investing much in influence marketing and they have seen positive results coming their way. Thus, it is estimated that investments will go high by three folds in the current year.

The above mentioned are the top three trends of Digital Marketing that will play an important role in the running year. Stay with us for more updates.

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