January 20, 2021

Leena Sanap


Web and graphic design are two important components of website development. Most people think that web design and graphics are somewhat saying, but they should know they are completely different from each other. They both compliment each other and go in sync but are way apart from each other in structure and everything.

Web design is about the layout of the website’s’ sidebars, header, footer, internal partitions, etc. In short, it is about framing the website. You cannot imagine a website without web design as it builds the basic structure of each web page. It is very critical as one has to look after the overall feel of the website, including – color, width, height, proportions, spacing, etc. One has to be very specific while designing the website as even a minor flaw in the same can ruin the complete look of the same.

Graphic design is about designing the images, banners, icons, logo, and every single thing which will be there on the website in form of a picture. It is equally important as it plays a key role in attracting the visitors and informing them well about the product and services of the company. A graphic designer has to be very creative as the better it will be, the higher will be the traffic on the website and the greater will be the sales. However, he has to make sure that while creating an image for the company, he must keep it easy to understand so that even a layman can understand the same pretty easily.

A graphic designer has to work with respect to the website design because the images should match with its feel and both must look good together. Also, the designer must design the image as per the space provided as in some cases, the designer creates the images irrespective of the size provided and later has to shrink them to fit in the space which reduces the quality of the image.

Also, a web designer must keep in mind that graphics will need a certain space, and hence, he should design accordingly.

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