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Making a dating app solution may seem like a profitable business. And rightly so! After witnessing the success of so many dating apps, one would be enticed to enter this industry. Although the best option is to outsource the development process, the main concern is the cost of development.

The cost depends on many factors and you need to be aware of them so no one can take advantage of you. In this article, we have made a list of factors that affect the cost of dating app like Tinder. We hope this list will be beneficial for you. 

Details of Dating App Development Costs


Type of App

There are two types of models that you can use for developing a dating app. Both have pros and cons which we are going to discuss in detail.

App Built from Scratch

In this model, you can build an app that is based entirely on your idea. The development company will understand your requirements and business objectives in detail. Accordingly, it will select a team and the technological stack.

This kind of dating app development model offers you full freedom to experiment with the app and add unique features. You can customize the app according to your vision and make changes based on user feedback. However, it will lead to an increase in cost and maintenance. You may require a bigger team and the time to launch the app will also increase.

Clone App Script

This model is best In case you don’t want to invest that much time and money on app development. In this, you can simply purchase the script of a popular app like Tinder or Bumble that will give a ready-made dating app.

The cost for dating app solutions like this will be less than the app made from scratch. However, it will restrict customization options. But if you hire an expert app development company, you might be able to expand customizations.

Development Approach

The cost of your dating app will also depend on the development approach you follow. There are three approaches, and you can choose any of them depending on your requirement.

Freelance Approach

This approach is suitable if you have a semi-skilled technical team and you need an expert to look over an aspect of the development process. You can hire dating app developers on an hourly basis. There won’t be much paperwork involved in it, and there are no formalities involved as in the case of permanent employees.

In-House Team

If you have a long-term project, then this approach is the best option. You can hire an in-house team of experts that you can manage. There won’t be any kind of communication issue since the team will be physically present inside the office premises. You will get real-time updates regarding the progress of your project. Since it will be your team, you can easily take care of the post-launch maintenance too. 

The drawback of this model is that the dating app development cost will be high. You will also have to provide them with the benefits associated with permanent employees. So make sure that you actually require this model before finalizing it.


This is the best option for both short-term and long-term projects. You will not only save money but will also get a high level of expertise. If you choose a white label development company, you will definitely get a high-quality product quickly and at a reasonable cost. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you choose the company carefully.

App Complexity

The cost to develop a dating app will also depend on the number and complexity of the features. That’s why we would recommend you to launch your app with simple features but have a long-term vision for it too. Once you launch the app, you can promote it as a freemium model app and focus on offering a good user experience and customer service.

You can use monetization methods for a freemium model to generate revenue. Once you gain enough users, you can start the process to add more features and take the app to the next level. If you have investors, you can show them that you have a decent user base and get more funding. If you use your own capital, you can utilize the revenue you earn from the free app to upgrade it.


In either case, you must have a detailed plan and budget for the growth of the app. 

UI/UX Design

One of the most important factors in converting audiences into prospective consumers is app design. When it comes to dating apps, the entire aesthetic design is crucial for enticing users and encouraging them to utilize the app.

If you use pre-built templates, the dating app like Tinder costs may decrease but they will not be real. As a result, your dating app will appear to be another generic app with nothing unique to offer.

So it's always a good idea to outsource your dating app design to a reputable on-demand app development company with expertise in developing applications. It's also critical that your dating app reflects your brand's identity in terms of colors, forms, typefaces, and other elements. Similarly, with an efficient UX design approach, you must ensure that your app follows a logical and simple design guide.

Development Platform

Another important option that influences the cost of creating a dating app like Tinder is whether you choose a cross-platform or native app development technique. You can target both iOS and Android with a cross-platform app for approximately half the cost of building a native app for each platform separately.

As a result, if you want to maximize user engagement and downloads in order to profit from your dating app, cross-platform app development is the way to go. If you want to target a specific market or have the money to build native apps for both platforms, you should go with native development. Native apps provide more features and a more immersive user experience. 

Team Complexity

To take care of diverse areas of the dating app development process, you'll require a joint effort from several I.T. specialists. You will receive an overall pricing estimate for your project if you outsource it to an offshore development company.

You can contact them to employ individual skills to enhance your dating app development team if you don't have enough in-house experts. In either case, it's helpful to know what skills you'll need and what their hourly prices are.

Additional Features

To become a dating app solution that meets user expectations, each dating app must have a specific set of important features. It also requires some vital elements to maintain the privacy and security of users' data. They entrust you with their sensitive personal information when they join your services.


You can add any feature that you feel will enhance the user experience. But keep in mind that additional features will increase your expenditure.

In Conclusion

The points mentioned above impact the cost of developing a dating app significantly. You need to make a list of all the aspects of app development that you deem valuable and then proceed. Also, different development companies will charge different prices for the services. For this, you can take the help of an expert who has been in this industry for a long time.

Narola Infotech is a dating app development company with 16+ years of experience. Our dedicated developers can build an app for you at an affordable price and will be transparent about the process. You can contact us any time to discuss your requirements and determine the cost of development.

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