January 10, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


Want to make a dating app? There is a lot to think about before dating app development even commences. As an owner, you have to pick a niche, a name, a memorable logo, and much more. The least we can do is provide you with a bit of guidance in the form of what features are a must-have, additional, or advanced.  Knowing each category of features will assist you later on in the software development life cycle. Besides, when it comes down to entering the development phase you will want to be prepared. Have a look at the thought process that one must undergo for the development of a Tinder dating app!

Must-Have Features

All must-have features are crucial for functioning and unavoidable. If your app lacks them it could cause a lack of functionality and defeat the app’s purpose. Presenting them into the app is crucial and making sure they work as intended is also important. 

User Profile

The first and most obvious must-have feature is a user profile. Profiles allow users to clearly specify personal information and paint a clear image about themselves. You can let users do this in one of two ways.

1. Information Form

In this data entry method, users have to enter details in a way a questionnaire would appear. This quickly allows the app to start finding matches for users by using the strictly defined categories and requirements. If making a Tinder clone app, this method seems best for users as it is fast and efficient!   

2. Manual Entry 

This method uses a manual technique where users have to enter details according to requirements or what they choose to disclose. You would also have to specify a limit as to how many characters or words users can enter 


Thorough verification has become a basic important action in every app. But the fact that it is a dating app Solution makes it even more important. Dating software tends to attract many scammers and people with false intentions.  To ward off such users and keep users safe, you need a verification process that’s not so easy to bypass. Nowadays verification processes have several steps: 
    • Photograph verification
    • Phone number verification
    • Social Media verification 
  Having an air-tight verification process that keeps users safe could build a good reputation and trust in the market.  Dating-Software-Must-Have,-Additional-and-Advanced-Features1080

Discovery Settings

All users will probably have individual preferences as to what they are looking for in a partner. This is why a discovery setting is mandatory. Users should be able to set up a primary barrier about what they want and do not want. This feature is a basic one users expect from a dating app. Users should be allowed to define certain criteria like: 
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Distance 
    • Hobbies
    • Custom preferences  
Based on the criteria set by the user, your dating app’s matching algorithm can begin working to deliver possible matches. 

Communication Methods

To prevent unwanted messages from strangers, only matched people can communicate with each other. You might not want to set a time limit for matched individuals to connect as this can decrease engagement.  Very early on, your dating app development should make preparations for a messaging feature that allows matched individuals to connect. This gives you a chance to moderate messages and prevent unwanted spam messages.   

Administrator Panel 

The admin panel is the most important part of a dating app; the app cannot function without it! It is what will give you the owner power to ensure functionality and the ability to step in when serious situations occur. 

Additional Features 

If you have used dating apps like Tinder you have probably identified a few things you did not like. Additional features give you the chance to listen to users and give them solutions to their dislikes and yours. 

Notification Settings

Hate irritating promotional messages? Your users will feel the same way if your app is constantly pushing out notifications. It could even lead to users uninstalling your app! You have to add a notification panel, all types of dating apps have them.  From this panel, dating app users should be able to subscribe to notifications or unsubscribe from them. There should be a few options to choose what notifications are acceptable and which ones aren’t. 

Join A Community 

It’s becoming popular to have a section of a dating app for people to join for reasons other than getting a soul mate. This could be a friends circle or just a group for people with similar interests. You can get in touch with your dating app developers to have this feature enabled in your app.  Creating such communities for users to join could have a positive effect on your app’s engagement levels. This may even help to boost awareness of your app! 

Content Resources (Blog) 

You could even add a resource section to your app. This could give users extra information about the dating app, or they could just be interesting reads. Doing this could increase user engagement and would even do wonders to make your app more discoverable on the internet. 

Advanced Features 

All the most popular dating apps have must-have features, additional features, and advanced features. These advanced features are what make an app popular and highly demanded by users. 

Social Media Integration 

Almost every app these days tries to incorporate social media in some way or another. Examples are logging in with social media accounts or sharing some content to social media accounts.  If you are going to create a dating app, integrating this feature in some way would be an advantage. 


The geolocation feature lets dating app users who are nearby, connect. This is great seeing as not everyone wants to be dating someone who is on the other side of the country or state! With geolocation settings, users can get straight to dating people in the near vicinity. This is one of the features of a dating app that applies to people living on the city outskirts. 

Premium Memberships

Understandably, all apps need to find a form of monetization to earn money, even the Tinder app does it.  Premium memberships are a great way to ease in and earn from your app. These premium features should offer extra capabilities or preferences to users who subscribe to them.


Just having the common dating app features will not get your app any more users. You have to do something a bit out of the ordinary. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, you can always hire a dating app development company and get their views and experience. Making a dating app has wide scope since people have no time to date the traditional way.

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