December 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


The only constant in the world is “evolution”. Be it in our lifestyle, work, food, clothing, or almost anything. We, as humans, are on the constant hunt for doing something new, differently. Breaking the monotony, making life easier, “better” is our ultimate goal.  And, how is it possible that we leave out an exciting part of our lives, i.e. a Dating software! For the longest time, people have devised different ways to meet their potential partners. Sometimes it’s easy; you just come across the one as you go about your life. But, for some, you have to explore, make an effort, and meet a few before you find the one. To meet someone, a few years ago, it would usually be a very close friend of yours or your family who would introduce you. But, in a quick-paced life, everyone is looking for more. Fast forward to today, dating software and dating app development have come to our rescue and have become the norm. There are some ace players like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, etc. that have already established and made their mark in the online dating industry. But, this does not overshadow the fact that there is no dearth of new ideas and potential for you to make a dating app. So, what is it that you must look forward to as an investor stepping into the world of dating software? Wait, till you find out!  While dating online is often termed as “risky” of the sorts, in general, it is even more challenging for those with physical disabilities, illnesses, a disease, etc. personal challenges which they would not be very comfortable dealing with in the mainstream dating software scenario. This blog is all about how you can introduce inclusivity with an idea that may not be the most unnoticed, yet it is a less implemented one. It is about dating apps for people who are differently-abled or have some illness that makes them feel secluded from the dating environment.

Why do the Differently Abled need Specialized Dating Software?

If you know someone who has some physical disabilities or is suffering from a disease that is not contagious, or a long-term illness, life in itself is fairly challenging for them. It is their friends and families that introduce a lot of comfort in the form of both emotional and physical aid for them. Sometimes, despite all the help, they feel some void, which keeps them from leading a regular life. And, as everyone would agree, they have the complete right to expect an ideal life. They deserve to have experiences and a partner as they will, in order to live a life of their choice.  With the advancement of the internet and our society, it is only reasonable that a provision is made where such an audience that is substantial in number, has customized dating software. It would definitely be a business with a cause for any investor and definitely a profitable venture.

What’s in it for Investors in Dating App Development?

As an investor, it is your decisive power that will decide the fate of all the money you put at stake when undertaking a new development. Besides the right idea, there are many things that you need to get right including the team you depend on for the project development.  So, before narrowing down the risks, it is only human that you try to ascertain the rewards or the gains that one might reap consequently. So, one of the biggest advantages of investing in dating software for people with disabilities is to cover the untapped audience. While this is very evident since inclusivity means more people, another perk is you can be a unique brand in the dating market that can make unique partnerships. In addition to the standard gifting options, tie-ups with florists, etc. you can offer very customised partnership services. For starters, making reservations/booking at cafes and restaurants that are friendly for the differently abled, pick-n-drop facilities in the form of taxi services that assist mobility, etc. You can think out-of-the-box and make your dating app extremely popular among your specific audience. This way not only are you running a successful business but also making a difference in the world.

Why this Dating App Development will attract more Audience?

In today’s world, businesses have to think of their customers in a scenario that means going out of the way. When defining your services or a software product like a dating software for people with disablity, one has to be very careful. Choosing the right words and not coming across as insensitive or assuring people that you are not simply playing a marketing gimmick is crucial.  Another aspect to creating a dating app for very directioned audience is inclusivity. Beyond physical disability, there are challenges that a substantial number of people which keeps them excluded from the standard dating sites. Often there are certain medical conditions like weaker vision, thalassemia, clinical depression, kidney problems, dyslexia, amputaion, diabetes, etc. which may or may not be very severe but somehow makes it difficult for them to find a partner. When you create a dating app that caters to people in this situations, there is already an untapped crowd that you now have direct connect with. Top-Dating-Apps-for-Differently-abled-to-draw-inspiration-from


There is an infinity pool of dating software, websites, and apps in the market. So, as an investor or a businessman exploring the dating app market, putting your money to make a dating app for differently-abled seems like a very rewarding option.  So, if you are convinced with this amazing idea, get in touch with our expert mobile app developers at Narola Infotech for both the Android and iOS platforms. They will make your dreams a reality.

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