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In the digitally evolving market, having perfect software that caters to your business requirements is a boon. Custom software development makes it possible for you. However, we have noticed that myths and misconceptions regarding technology and development often confuse people. 

In this blog, we aim to clear all clouds of doubts and misconceptions regarding software development for your business. 

software development for your business

 This means there are businesses that are actively seeking and leveraging the benefits of custom software. Then what’s stopping the others? Let’s see. 

Most Common Myths About Custom Software Development Services

As a custom software development company, we have come across various clients and their queries over the last 16 years. We realized many people have misinterpreted how this software is developed and affects their business. 

software development for your business

Myth #1 - Custom Software Development is Expensive and Only For Large Companies

For any growing business today, having custom software to manage all operations digitally is crucial. Considering that all businesses are now expanding through the web, the software can give your business the necessary competitive edge. 

Moreover, the right custom software development advice can let you represent your business idea with a unique, specialized approach. It will also help you optimize internal business processes, logistics functions, and a lot more. 

As the name suggests, in the case of custom software, you can choose all functionalities and take control of the entire development process. While it may seem to be relatively higher at first, you will find off-the-shelf software even costlier. With off-the-shelf software, other expenses like upgrades and licensing are really hefty. 

Make sure your budget isn’t for the software but also for the expenses that follow (updates, training, and maintenance). When summing up, you will find custom software development services to be a cheaper and more reliable alternative. 


Myth #2 - Your Business Doesn't Need a Software

We already mentioned a lot of advantages of leveraging custom software for business operations. If you think in this decade where all businesses are competing online, you can make it without a robust tool, you might want to reconsider your choices.  

You need a strong online representation of your business. Moreover, there are a lot of other tasks. We previously published a blog regarding how custom software solutions make your business scalable. To know more, 

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Myth #3 - Custom Software is Not Scalable

Software scalability is determined by how easily software can be expanded or shrunk. These changes generally need to be made according to the changing workload or expansion of services you offer.  

The best thing about custom software development is that it lets you introduce new functionalities or eliminate the ones you no longer require. You can scale them quickly to meet the exact business requirements. 

Myth #4 - They are Less Secure

When using business applications, security is an important concern. Off-the-shelf software is more commonly used in mass markets. Thus they get a lot of attention from hackers. Once they find a loophole in the code, you would lose all your users and sensitive data. 

However, that’s not the case with custom software. They draw less attention from hackers and become the safer alternative. But one must know that there are different security practices that should be followed during/post development. 

We have seen businesses giving up on the idea of software development because they’re hesitant to share IP details with outsourcing companies. You must know that there are set rules and security measures taken for the same. You just have to make sure that the custom software development company is ready to sign the NDA and follows all best practices. 

To help yourself with making the right decision, 

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Myth #5 - You Need an In-House Team to Build a Software

Successful software development requires specific skills. Although having an in-house team for the same sounds good at first, you might find yourself backtracking with a hundred more problems.  Some thorough research would help you make better decisions. 

There can be two situations; either you have no prior experience with an IT staff or, you have an IT staff with a lot on their plates. In both cases, trying to do everything by yourself could possibly lead to more problems or distraction from other important tasks. 

Outsourcing your software development projects will ensure a robust product that can be released on or before the expected time.  

Myth #6 - Making Changes to a Software Product isn’t Possible

Custom software development is flexible enough to meet the current and future requirements of your business. Just like the developers add respective functionalities to the software, they can make changes to it as and when required.

With best practices, you can even improve the performance and success of your software. Custom software can be built according to the time, resources, and budgets you have set. 

Myth #7 - It’s a Time-Consuming Process

Software development isn’t something that happens overnight. But it doesn’t mean that your software will take years to be ready to launch. The time taken for development will be determined by the complexity of the project (functionalities and features) and the technologies being used. 

However, with proper planning and best practices, you can manage your time well. Also, it’s the developers who would need to spend their time on it. Always remember that rushing the process may hinder the expected results. 


Myth #8 - You Should be Tech-Savvy to have Software for Your Business

You must be good at managing your business but only a developer knows the best way to create software. Also, the software is meant to make your task easy and not complicate it. Thus, you can still build successful software if you have a reliable development partner by your side. While the development process follows, you will learn some new technical terms and processes. 

Myth #9 - Custom Software Development is Risky

As a business owner, you must know that every business decision involves risk. But on the other end, there’s a return for that risk. Just like any other business strategy to improve business performance and overall revenue, custom software development is something worth considering. 

Not taking any action because of the risk involved can cause your business to lag. Instead, you should be focusing on ways to reduce the risk. In this case, you can do this simply by choosing the right developers. 

Myth #10 - Software Release Means the End of Development Process

While this is what most people think, it’s the reason why many software fails. In most of our previous blogs, we have emphasized how post-development maintenance is necessary to keep a development product working well for your business. 

Every now and then, there are new devices and updates in the market. Unless your application is upgraded according to the same, it would be of no help to the users. Therefore, it’s important that your software gets regular care, upgrades, and bug-testing to eliminate prevailing issues.  

Summing Up

Misconceptions can keep you from doing things that are good for your business growth. Before you come to conclusions, make sure you have done enough research. We hope that this blog clears some of your common doubts and misconceptions about custom software development services. Narola Infotech is a custom software company with 16+ years of experience and a team of skilled developers. If this blog changes your mind, reach out to us for respective services or queries.

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