January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


There is no denying that the mobile apps revolution has brought a major change in how people book their flights. Today about 50% of the people using the internet prefer reserving their flight tickets independently via a flight booking app.

The change from agents to desktops/laptops and then mobile was a quick one. Most airline companies are now creating their portals to gain traction and enhance their market reach.

If you are in the travel industry, this is the right time to call a flight booking app development company and begin forming your portal to stay in the competition. An online booking engine saves time and is also good for brand advocacy.

It not only helps in booking a flight but also enables one to download a boarding pass via web check-in and record expenses. To start with flight booking app development, let’s understand the basic features that are to be involved.

Features of flight booking app:

Secured Payment Gateway:

It is one of the most valuable features of a flight booking app as it assists in making reservations and accepting payments. A secured payment gateway should be integrated that eliminates the possibility of all forms of malicious attacks and data breaches. Users only believe in using apps with advanced and trusted gateways.

In-built Calendar:

A calendar in the flight booking app helps customers decide suitable dates for their travel and it also allows them to decide on a return date. In a recent observation, it was noted that customers are more inclined towards booking a return ticket along with the onward ticket when they see an in-built calendar in the app.

Social Media Integration

People love to share their joy of traveling along with friends and social media is one of the best places to do so. A flight booking app should have all social platforms integrated into it. It can also be used to grant access to the app. The collected data can be used to create area-specific marketing strategies and increase sales.

Live Flight Status And Web Check-In

These services help customers to schedule their day in a precise manner as they are aware of the status of their flight at all times. Changes in flight schedules or delays can be communicated in real-time. The process of check-in used to take a significant amount of time earlier and it required passengers to arrive around two hours before departure but with the advent of mobile apps, the process is taken care of in minutes via the web.

Comparison And Multilingual System

With the help of a flight booking app, customers can now compare different airline rates and choose a service according to their budget. It also enables them to choose the seat they would prefer to sit in. Another feature of the app is that it is multilingual and thus can gain traction from all around the world.

Nearby Hotels and Conversational Support

A flight booking app helps you with finding the nearest spot from the airport to stay in and also gives you the rates to choose from. It also supports in case of cancellations and refunds. The app also gives you a chat portal to discuss feedback about the flight.

Factors that decide the cost:

Dynamic Functionality

The variety of functionalities that you would add to the flight booking app plays a vital role in its cost. Features like payment integration, chat resistance, firebase assimilation makes the price go higher. The basic functionalities like booking, invoice, and comparison feature cost much less. It is observed that flight booking app development for android is more than that for iOS.

Application Design

The design of an app affects both user experience and usability. A user interface that provides smooth interaction and navigation with good looks pushes up the development cost. It all pays up in the longer term and helps increase brand advocacy significantly. This also produces better results as customers get a better way of choosing their flights.

Application Platform

The base on which the app is built makes a big difference. If the app gets built on iOS, the testing required is minimal and thus the cost is low. Whereas when the app is built on Android, there’s robust testing required which increases the cost. Also, the time required to develop an app in iOS is much less than required to build one on android.

Cost Of Flight Booking App Development

Flight booking apps are much more complex to develop than any other app. The prices depend on whether you choose a professional agency or an independent mobile app developer. If you decide to give the task to an agency, it divides the process into different stages from ideation to deployment. Whereas on the other hand, a developer charges on an hourly basis.

With an agency, the cost varies from $15K to $90K depending on the number of features as well as the quality of design and power of the engine. With an independent developer, the cost differs from country to country. In Asian countries, the cost is around $30 per hour. In European nations, the cost is around $100 an hour. In Canada and the United States, it is $200 an hour.

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