Web development is basically divided into two parts, website and web portal. However, most of the people think that there is no difference between website & web portal. But technically, they are a quite apart from each other. Here, in this blog, we have explained the core difference between website and web portal.


It generally refers to a generic web presence. What is a generic online presence? It means the website contains information about any individual, a group of individual or a business. If it is a business website – It will contain the information about the product and the services it offers. Moreover, It contains key details about their vision, mission, location, contact info etc. We can conclude that website is a source of information regarding any business, person, a community, trust, organization etc.

Web Portals

It has everything that website has. What makes it different? People can log in, can create an account to use the services or product that particular portal offers. Web portals are of two categories: service-based web portal, and product based web portal.

Service-based Web Portal

This portal provides online service through software or technical mediums. These portals provide free and paid services depending upon the nature of their business.

Product Based Web Portals

IThese are generally e-commerce platform where people can buy the things they sell. Amazon is a fine example in this category. Not only physical products but there are some e-commerce portal that also offers software products.

Generally, the web portal has two sides client side and admin side. At the admin side, one can maintain all the backend and back office things. This side is for the in-house employees and management individuals to manage the client side of the portal.

Benefits of Web App Marketing

The development cost of a website is too low in comparison with the web portal. Website development through WordPress is pretty simple whereas web portals are complex. The website looks pretty similar but web portals are way different than each other. Web portals resemble only when they are from the exact same domain of the business. In addition, it takes more time to develop than web portal.

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