Last Updated: October 9, 2023


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CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a medium to identify a company’s contribution to society, the positive efforts it makes to create a difference in a certain way. India is the first country in the world to make CSR mandatory.

Businesses can contribute a share of their profits towards improving education, eradicating poverty, maintaining gender equality, and wipe off hunger out of the nation.

Narola aspires to work with the best team of people to engage in activities that genuinely work to empower the nation. Among the first steps, we have joined hands with Kiran Hospital in Surat, Gujarat.

Our Contribution to Kiran Hospital

Built under the kind initiative by “Samast Patidar Arogya Trust”, Kiran Hospital is a Multi Super Speciality Hospital and Research Center. It has been built at a cost of around 5 Billion INR(Indian rupees) and was inaugurated by PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi on 17th April 2017.

It is built on a construction area of 1 Million Sq.ft. and the hospital is 13 floors. It is equipped with 550 Beds and 20 Operation Theatres. The hospital functions in 25 different departments.

With a vision to walk on the Path of Humanity, this hospital has a team of experienced doctors, kind staff, treatment for all diseases and all of this at an affordable cost so as to serve people from all sections and communities with ease.

Narola believes in giving back to the people and has a vision that is also being followed at the Kiran hospital. What better way than being a part of serving people via healthcare? On the lines of this, Narola has donated one “Deluxe Room” in the Hospital as a part of its CSR.

Narola Infotech is a renowned name in Surat and has a profound list of satisfied clients outside India. We take up our CSR, not as an obligation but something that we are willing to do for the society, and the country as a whole.

This “Deluxe Room” that we have donated is our way of doing whatever little we can in the process of something so big. This room has many facilities that can provide some comfort to the ailing and their families. It has a very comforting bed for the patient, TV for entertainment, Clean furniture and sofa for the visitors of the patient.

A clean and quiet environment for the patient is what this deluxe room imparts. This room takes care of the patient along with the person who is there to look after.


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