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Preparing your business to dazzle in the online markets is quite an investment. Whether you are planning to incorporate new applications or make amends to the existing web portal, Ruby on Rails has a lot to offer. However, finding the best Ruby on Rails development services may not be as easy as it seems. 

We would continue to talk about how Ruby on Rails is perfect for developing business applications and meeting the respective goals and ideologies. But here, we wish to make it more accessible and easy to get for your organization's benefits

ROR business application

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When you decide to hire dedicated RoR developer, there are several aspects that need your attention. We have seen many of the clients being cluelessly beating around the bushes. But it never brings about as good results as tactful decisions do. Read further to know how you can find the best services/developers for Ruby on Rails development.  

Core Skills That Ruby on Rails Developers Should Have

It’s important to make sure that the developers you trust for your development projects have all the vital skills for Ruby development. Unless you know what they do, a fair choice will be far away. Here’s a list of essential skills you need to look for. 

Technical Skills

Ruby on Rails developer should have the following technical skills:

1) Ruby on Rails Programming 

Certainly, a Ruby on Rails developer should be well versed with RoR syntax such as classes, loops, modules, etc. They should also have enough knowledge of object-oriented programming. It’s crucial that a Ruby developer is aware of the Model View Controller (MVC) framework and the best ways to use it. 

They should be familiar with the RoR stack and perform various operations, along with having a strong knowledge base for Rest APIs. 

2) Frontend

Although Ruby on Rails is generally used for the backend, a developer should know and have great skills for the frontend too. Obviously, for a Ruby developer, extensive knowledge of Java and CSS may not be necessary, but the same can help them understand frontend better. They can collaborate with frontend developers whenever needed. 

3) Databases

The developers you hire will have to read and operate various logs. Therefore, it's important that they can comprehend databases well. They should have the basic knowledge of SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Make sure to look out for this crucial skill. 

Soft Skills

For smooth collaboration with your development partners, soft skills are also vital. These skills play a major role in the software development lifecycle. 

1) Communication Skills

As a Ruby on Rails development company, we understand that communication is key for successful projects. You may expect your development partner to inform you about everything that’s happening on the development front. Also, it’s important in order to know that things are progressing in the direction they should. Make sure that they have some good interpersonal skills and can adapt to the communication channels of your company. 

2) Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Understanding and conceptualizing the features or design of an application takes more time than it does to code and execute it. Analytical and logical skills are crucial for developers since they will help in creating convincing concepts and materializing them in less time. Also, they will not have to start the work from scratch every time. 

3) Knowledge Upgrade

There are new technological updates every day. The developer you hire should have the ability to keep up with these frequent changes and the latest trends in the industry. Continuous efforts for knowledge upgrade and self-education make the difference between a good and a brilliant developer.  


Despite the many advantages of Ruby development, it’s true that there will be several ins and outs, ups and downs during the process. An experienced Ruby on Rails developer will be well aware of most of these situations. Thus finding solutions will take less time. 

Experienced developers can work swiftly on multiple projects at the same time. It will be good to see if they have relevant experience working for the industries you are targeting. 

How to Hire an RoR Developer for Your Next Project?

There are several different models to hire dedicated RoR developer for your upcoming project. 

Hire In-house Developers

In-house developers are generally salaried employees at your company. They will be entirely dedicated to your company/project, and you can assign them any task you wish at any time. 

This model allows personal interactions and managing things becomes a lot easier. However, if you are not an IT company, hiring in-house developers looks rather vain. 

Look for Freelancers

If your project is only going to last for a limited time, hiring a freelance ROR developer may be a great idea. Freelancers are cheaper alternatives. You only need to pay for the hours they work.

Freelancers are easy to hire, they are available everywhere. Most importantly, hiring freelancers saves you the time and effort that will be required to train in-house developers. 

Get Services From a Ruby on Rails Development Company

If you need a team of developers for your project, it would be wise to consult a company that offers full-fledged RoR application development services. You can make them your development partners with simple monthly, hourly, or fixed payment options. 

You don’t have to be concerned about managing the team, the service providers would bear all the expenses and costs. This one is a lucrative setting as you also get access to a varied skill set at the least effort. 

One’s choices may be different, given the above options. You can take some time for research and analysis to see what works for your company/project. 

Let Us Make it Better for You 

As said earlier, the many advantages that come along with Rails will only be good enough if you choose an appropriate development partner. It remains crucial to make sure that the developers you hire have all the skills and potential to leverage the best of Ruby development.  

Narola Infotech has a team of skillful, brilliant developers who are experts at what they do. Being in the industry for more than a decade now, we have a better understanding of most matters. Our continuous and successful endeavors to fulfill the exact requirements of our clients bring us the distinction as a reliable Ruby on Rails development company

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We’ll be gratified to serve you with the most robust applications. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries or related services. 

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