March 22, 2022

Ifrah Khan


The year 2022 has already seen some fantastic developments in technology. Several startups and startup-led apps have risen to fame. One of these apps is the Instagram clone app. It has taken the millennials by storm because it replicates the features of Instagram and has some other unique features, unlike the original app itself.

It currently has over 2 billion active users per month. The photo-sharing app constantly rolls out updates and retains its user base. With such popularity, Instagram has managed to put its competitors off-guard. But this has put several developers onto work. And after some constant R&D, Instagram like apps were born.

Instagram active users globally

Any Instagram Clone App needs to keep rolling out upgrades and add new functionalities to stay ahead of the league. Another critical factor to note is several developers and Instagram clone app development companies are trying to dominate the market. Hence, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, here are a few unique features that you must consider integrating into your clone app!

We are sure you want your Instagram Clone App to beat its competitors. Therefore you must make sure that, at the very least, it has all the features that Instagram already has. 

Here are some of the existing features of Instagram that must be included in your clone app. Besides, you can add additional functionalities to make your app stand out in the market.

1. Understanding Instagram Algorithm

The Algorithm has always kept creators and businesses at their toes. It has been unpredictable for quite some time now. However, Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, explained it in his recent video. To sum up, here are some takeaways from his video.

  • The number of people that engaged with the popularity indicators of a post - The likes, the location tap, and duration (if the post is a video)
  • The number of posts of the same account that the user has liked.
  • The frequency of interaction between the user and the post.

These key takeaways sum up the user engagement criteria, which is very important if you want your content to appear on your users' feeds.

What's new?

The code is cracked. As an Instagram clone development company or as a developer, you can include a tutorial of how the algorithm of your Instagram clone works. Having a view of this will help your app users understand how to create engagement with their followers.

2. Understanding Instagram Reels

Reels are full-screen short videos that range from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Reels have become such an ardent part of Instagram that it constantly sends out updates to enhance it. Users also have the option to combine multiple short videos into one. Some of the add-ons for reels are:

  • Music - You can add songs to your videos.
  • Text - You can add captions and dialogues.
  • Doodles - You can draw images and graphics over your video.
  • Stickers - You have the option of adding stickers after your video is ready.
  • Voiceover - You can record yourself and add it to your video.
  • Timer - You can set the camera to a timer so that you do not have to keep holding your phone while recording. 

What's new?

If your Instagram Clone App has this reel feature already, then here are some more unique features to incorporate.

  • The video layout allows users to capture multiple videos in separate windows and combine them. 
  • The double exposure feature enables users to record a video on top of a photo they captured beforehand.

The video layout allows users to capture multiple videos in separate windows and combine them. 

The double exposure feature enables users to record a video on top of a photo they captured beforehand.

3. The Instagram Creator Mode

Of late, several Instagram Clone app developers are taking the help of an Instagram clone app development company to improve the app's existing features. One of the existing significant features is Creator Mode.

Like Instagram, the Instagram Clone App can provide the Creator Mode for users that have more than 10,000 followers.

What's new?

You can simplify it by providing the functionality for a smaller milestone, say 5000 followers. Once a creator gains 5000 followers, he can switch to creator mode. A move like this will help several influencers and businesses to scale up and monetize their content. The creator mode can also have simplified messaging tools and account stats displayed to the user to plan a growth strategy.

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4. The Instagram Clone App's Professional Dashboard

The Instagram clone development services have emphasized the usage of Professional Dashboard into your Instagram Clone App. The Professional Dashboard gives a better view of analytics and is helpful for creators and business accounts. It is a great way to understand your account's performance. Some of the must include tools within the professional dashboard are:

  • An overview of the overall account performance
  • Instagram Insights
  • Promotion stories
  • Instagram Clone App Shopping
  • Saved replies

What's new?

You can enhance the Professional Dashboard by adding more features like a designated section to view the most active followers.

5. Quirky Stickers

Stickers are a great visual treat that can help in uplifting the entire vibe of the post/story/reel. Hence, Instagram came up with various sticker tags like the location sticker, music sticker, and mention sticker. You can include these stickers in your Instagram clone. Some of the notable inclusions are:

  • The music sticker
  • The shopping sticker
  • The location sticker
  • The mention sticker
  • The quiz sticker
  • The Questions sticker
  • The poll sticker
  • The countdown sticker
  • The donation sticker

What's new?

Think of some innovative sticker ideas. The best option is to keep track of current affairs and create stickers that support a particular movement or event.

So, above all are the new Instagram features and updates in 2022. These new features and updates are here to stay, so do not get behind your competitors and adopt them to see significant growth.

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The Final Takeaway

Instagram has become a brand, but that does not stop an Instagram clone app development company from creating more Instagram-like apps. However, since several developers and clone app development companies have developed similar apps, it is necessary to have a USP of your own. Based on this USP, you either survive or you don't. The most convenient USP is to have add-ons to existing Instagram features. It will give you an edge over the various competitors and Instagram itself.

If you also want to enter the market with something similar and worthy, hire Narola Infotech's Instagram clone app development team.

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