Common HR Frequently Asked Questions

Common HR Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the 6 frequently asked HR related questions:

Is probation applicable only for fresh Candidates?

No, there is no such rule. However, it is mandatory for the fresh applicants and objective for experienced candidates. It depends upon the in-house policy of the company about how they look over probation period.

I have a bond with the company. I am suffering from severe health issues, If I break the bond – do I have to suffer the penalty and charges?

No, you do not have to suffer any such charged. All you need to do is to present all the health related document to the HR department of the company. There are even certain companies that allow the individual to resume the position once he regain his health.

Can a company terminate my candidature on disciplinary issues?

Yes, the company own all the rights to fire the candidate as a result of disciplinary actions. In addition, company can even ask for compensation for the mischief done. Thus, it is always suggestible to take care of the rules and regulations of the company.

I have signed offer letter of a company but I am getting a better offer from another company. Is it legal to go for another one in such scenario?

As far as legal aspects are concerned, you can join another company but on morality background – it is not good to break the offer. However, last decision will be yours but suggestion would be to join the first company.

I suffered from illness and got hospitalized. Am I eligible to ask for the paid leaves and charges incurred in getting well?

If the company offers the medical expenses and has mentioned the same in the bond, then you have all the rights to ask for the medical charges. However, it is the right of the candidate and duty of the company to provide paid leaves if the employee is absent due to health issues. However, you should have all the documents ready with you to confirm and authorize your illness.

I have a notice period of 45 days but another company wants me to join within 4 days. Can I force my current employer to relieve me within 30 days?

This is both, morally and legally, not correct to pressurize your current employer to relieve you before the notice period. However, you can request the employer to relieve you before it but the same completely depends upon the on the company to accept your request or not.

An employee should always consider these HR related questions while searching for a second job or before going for an interview.