January 9, 2023

Ifrah Khan


The online world is evolving right now. It is undoubtedly difficult to adjust to trends in such a world. But the major names in the business are actually doing it.

Popular applications such as Netflix and Facebook are continually enhancing their user experience and adjusting to new frameworks and trends with the help of ReactJS development services.

Developers have also taken a strong interest in ReactJS, and there are many references that highlight its technical strengths. Let us take a look at the popular web apps built using React web development.

Spoiler alert: There are big names incoming!

Before we get into why ReactJS development, let's first see what it is

This blog is best for businesses seeking to start a new project and wants to implement ReactJS for web development. Here, we will decode everything you need to know about React web development from

What it is?
What big companies use ReactJS? 
Why you must use it for your apps and websites?

What is ReactJS?

React JS is a JavaScript library that is created and maintained by Facebook. It is an efficient and flexible open-source JavaScript framework for developing simple, quick, and scalable frontends of web apps.

What are the Top Features that Make ReactJS Captivating?

What are ReactJS Developer Tools?

The library may also help developers create user interfaces and single-page apps, to name just a few things. Developers may find a variety of functions in React, like virtual DOM, JSX, and many more, to be of great utility. The popularity of the library is undoubtedly influenced by a variety of amazing features and advantages of utilizing it.

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Top Apps That Use ReactJS

For a company to be successful, having a presentable as well as functional application/website is essential. Your application will be visible to the world and will act as your face to the public. For these 9 companies, React was the best choice. It could be true for you as well.

1. Netflix

Netflix, the indisputable streaming behemoth, is also a big fan of React. The business makes use of this JavaScript library for a number of things. It is interesting to note that Netflix utilizes both ReactJS and React Native. Netflix even offered a study on how and why they utilize the library.

Why? The reason is that the business sought to improve runtime efficiency and modularity while also accelerating start-up. Where? They did this on the front end of their web application.

As the UI engineers at Netflix state in the blog post:

Our decision to adopt React was influenced by a number of factors, most notably: 1) startup speed, 2) runtime performance, and 3) modularity.

2. Instagram

ReactJS is heavily utilized by Instagram. The many features, such as geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy, and tags that appear without hashtags, are evidence of it. It is extremely great that it is all included in the app's API.

Additionally, Instagram has allowed users to fully acclimate to its outstanding features and is entirely built on the ReactJS framework.

3. Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction when it comes to its widespread popularity. A user base of over 2.96 billion people! Who isn’t on Facebook?

Yes, even Facebook was created using React. They have their webpage created using ReactJS. In fact, Facebook was where the ReactJS library was first developed, and React Fiber, a totally redesigned version of ReactJS, is presently in development.

4. WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know or use WhatsApp?

More than 2.5 billion people use the WhatsApp app on their smartphones, which is the most widely used messaging application in more than 100 countries. For its stable and safe performance, this popular app employs ReactJS.

Even the WhatsApp Web version of the same uses React for an enhanced web experience.

To see how ReactJS worked for our previous projects

5. Airbnb

Airbnb, one of the most basic but ground-breaking ideas of the twenty-first century, employs React JS. Their application was designed and developed using React technology by more than 60 software professionals. 

They repurpose React code and restructure it as required using ReactJS development services. This feature makes it easy to build while also enabling programmers to exert less effort.

6. Codecademy

Codecademy upgraded its game when it decided to use ReactJS for web app development in 2014. Today, they still utilize it. ReactJS was used to build every aspect of Codecademy, including the header, menu, navigation, etc.

According to the engineers at Codecademy, some of the features they appreciate most about React are that it makes SEO simple, is compatible with legacy code, is adaptable to future modifications, is simple to think about, and the script is robust. So, if you also want to build a similar app like Codeacademy, hire an experienced ReactJS web development company today and tell them your requirements.

7. Yahoo!

Yahoo's popular email service is React-based. Given that Facebook now owns Yahoo!, they incorporated React because they desired a reliable and unified infrastructure. The programmers working on the Yahoo Mail platform explained their decision to use ReactJS in a Tumblr blog post.

The following was what they desired for the upcoming Yahoo! Mail platform:

  • Consistent Flow.
  • Simple Debugging.
  • No reliance on substantial platform libraries.
  • A less steep learning curve.

The following factors ultimately led them to choose ReactJS web development:

  • One-way reactive data flow is implemented by React.
  • Javascript Active community with Virtual DOM for client and server rendering.

8. Myntra

It is one of India's top fashion eCommerce sites where you can purchase apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. The Myntra app provides consumers with a very positive user experience according to the users. 

Their catalogs, profiles, and everything else have all been presented in a pleasant and appealing way, thanks to ReactJS. Both Android and iOS users have benefited from the appealing UI and UX.

9. Uber

Uber has to deliver a fantastic user experience because of the millions of users it has worldwide and the complicated tasks that consumers expect its app to complete. React has been used by the technical team at Uber since the beginning.

Many of the open-source libraries they produced were developed specifically for mapping visualization. Additionally, they created Base Web, a framework that offers reusable UI development components. They also choose to hire a ReactJS development company to construct the Uber app for three main reasons: dependability, accessibility, and customization.

Why Choose ReactJS Development For Your Web App?

Bottom Line

ReactJS improves UI/UX, increases production, and offers a variety of organizational benefits, which has encouraged some of the greatest firms in the world to fully utilize its advantages. It will take some time, but there are significant advantages to upgrading every framework. Whether it is a web page or a mobile app, you can provide your consumers with the ideal user experience. 

If you are thinking of including ReactJS in your development tech stack, that is a decision that will definitely lead you to the path of success.

The developers in our ReactJS web development company can create a world-class app with customized features for you. Contact us to hire ReactJS developers who will meet your needs for the development of engaging as well as user-friendly applications.

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