February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


iPad is altogether a different mobile device that gives its users a different yet amazing experience. It is bigger than iPhone and has certain different functions which make it more happening than most laptops. However, one cannot enjoy completely using an iPad if he has not got the best iPad apps. Yes! This time we will be putting you into the world of awesome iPad apps and as soon as you finish reading this, you will try to get as many as possible iPad apps from the list:


It is the note-taking application by far iTunes has got. With lot many helpful functions and simple UI, this app allows user to take the note from internet and sync it everywhere in mobile. It also helps the users in sharing it across all popular social media platforms and even gives an option to share the note through mail or messenger. From minutes of meeting to client notes, you can share every kind of note using the app.

Paper By Fifty Three

This app was primarily launched as a drawing app but with time it got better and included several functions that could help the students, professionals, and artists to do a lot more with it. You can create a notebook, report and can convert the same into PDF, PPT, and other files once you are done with editing.


It is categorized under the most loved tutorial apps of all time. It helps you with creating projects, white-papers and also have a good number of recipes. It is helpful for everyone, the student, professionals, and the home-makers. It also provides keynotes and helps on topics, like – automotive, art & craft, and gardening.


This app can really entertain you to the core. It has featured a lot many comics from popular names, like – DC and Marvel. It provides a very engaging comic reading experience. You can scroll the page step by step and have to go through the unbelievable graphics and texts which make it more happening and lively.

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