February 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


The word “Big Data” and “Big Data Company” have become quite popular as its power and applications are realized by businesses massively and have reached pan over the IT industry. There are a lot of investments being made in various data science projects for data analytics and understanding the customers’ needs for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Role of Data Science Tools and Techniques in Mainstream Businesses:

Up until now, data science software and related big data were assumed to be useful only for research purposes. With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning, it has been understood that data science has a wide scope and can be used in almost any industry niche to gain insights.

Data analysts carry out big data processing by making use of various data science software and analyze complex data. They implement the required data science tools to make it useful for business intelligence.

In the current scenario where customers and clients are to be targeted via the digital platform, diving deep into their minds has become very important. Thus all business strategies formulated are data-driven. Moreover, the data science tools are extremely advanced, and deploying its key features can help a company to flourish unprecedentedly.

A company always strives to get better at providing its products and services by equipping its employees with popular tools that ensure better outputs. The same goes for the enlisted data science tools that follow.

They can be used for an array of reasons for the benefit of your organization in some form or the other. The most popular applications include data visualizations, data sourcing, data warehouse, acquisition, exploration, analysis, and ultimately data cleaning.

Apache Spark:

The Swiss army knife of big data analytics is Apache Spark. It is regarded as the ultimate tool for data science platforms. It makes use of data parallelism and fault tolerance, clusters data in order to process them. It inherits certain features from Hadoop like YARN, MapR, and HDFS.

Apache Spark is helpful to data scientists in predictive analysis. This is an important outcome when you analyze data. It is used for many machine learning projects and has integrated APIs that overall help in predictive modeling.


As the name suggests, this is one of the powerful data science tools which processes data at a high speed. It is a unique combination of data preparation, machine learning, data validation, and predictive model deployment.

RapidMiner Server provides centralized repositories and it has a Cloud version for cloud-based repositories. It enables repeated workflows, has built-in templates, and over 1500 functions. Users can automate the predefined associations.

Data Robot

This is considered among the most flexible data science tools as it works well for users of multiple levels of expertise like data scientists, executives, IT professionals, and software engineers.

This is an incredible machine learning platform that is the least demanding with flexible deployment, governance, training, and world-class support. The tool offers you the deployment option of implementing it either on the cloud or on-premises making it convenient and goal-oriented to solving the problem rather than the set-up.

Big ML

If you are looking for an interactable GUI-based cloud data science platform that is suitable for machine learning algorithms, then Big ML is the solution. It utilizes clustering, classification, regression, anomaly detection, and time-series forecasting for risk analytics and product innovation.

It has an easy web interface using REST API. It allows you sharing of visual charts via mobile and other IoT devices. This is a feature that promotes fewer dependencies and more widespread accessibility.


When it comes to accurate numerical computing of data or mathematical data processing, Matlab is the ultimate data science software. It has an inbuilt graphics library that supports data visualization and even complex data can be easily understood and represented.

Matlab works remarkably for simulating neural systems, fuzzy logic, matrix capacities, algorithmic execution, statistical modeling, image recognition, speech processing, etc. Another benefit is that the Matlab code can be easily converted into programming languages such as C/C++, CUDA code, and HDL.


This data science software is primarily built for business intelligence with data visualization. It can be interfaced with spreadsheets, OLAP, datasheets, etc. It is possible to map the data in order to gain insights with this tool.

Tableau has been recently acquired by Salesforce which is a world-renowned company for its CRM solution. It provides comprehensive end-to-end data analytics and high-security protection. It provides the dragging and dropping functionality which makes it super easy to use.

Big DataScience Tools, Our Future

There is no turning back from the technology of future AI and machine learning. And, these technologies require big data to function. Data science tools are here to stay and will act as powerful weapons in driving your business towards a journey of betterment. You get a clear picture of who your customer is, how they interact with your products and services, and what do they expect.

Such are the insights that will keep you afloat in your business for years to come. So, research well and get hold of the most suitable and best data science tools for your business.

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