January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


For any business to thrive, change is the only constant. One needs to keep updating and embracing newer technologies from time to time to stay ahead in a competitive market.

The same is the case with the taxi industry. It might seem like a saturated market. But, that’s not really the case if you have a unique marketing strategy and a powerful business model. If you are in the taxi services business for years but find yourself lacking and not making enough turnover as compared to your competitors, then you must incorporate the white label taxi app in your business.

It is a great way to transform your business by automating all the operations and bringing a sort of digital revolution in your business. The traditional ways of managing taxi fleets and conducting business are lackluster and a rather lethargic approach with an absence of business analytics in this fast-moving world.

What the world needs today are services that are available on their smartphones at the action of a single click. So, it would be an undivided expert opinion that you are in dire need of a taxi booking app.

So, should you resort to building a taxi booking app from scratch and approach a taxi app development company? Well, the smart way to resolve this problem is to create a white-label taxi app or an Uber-like app that suffices your need with minimum effort.

What is a White label Taxi Booking App?

Many of you might be unfamiliar with the term “white label taxi app”, but, it’s quite a popular approach in the digital era where fast-paced solutions are the need of the hour.

We headstart by understanding what is exactly meant by this term.

Creating a white label taxi app is an approach where you can legally procure a pre-built taxi booking app that has all the features as per your requirement. Further, it can be customized, rebranded, redesigned, and used for your business.

Most business owners hire designers, developers who can revamp the pre-built app by changing the front-end and making minor changes in the back-end. The admin panel is set up, security/authorization implemented, and the functional taxi booking app is deployed on the app store for the users in no time.

Seeking the help of a reliable taxi booking app development company for the installations, updating, and maintenance of your white label taxi app can be fruitful.

Top 5 Benefits of White label Taxi App Development

Lesser Time To Market:

As they say, time is money. By making use of a white label solution, you can speed up the process of your taxi app development by multi-folds. It is a rapidly changing market scenario. One cannot afford to spend 6-7 months of time planning, developing, and launching an app that is created from scratch.

White label apps are the way to go when you are determined to create a taxi booking app like Uber or Lyft and add your unique touch and features to it. The white-label apps offer a strong base code to work with and are already tested leaving no scope for errors at the foundation level. This means that from the time you decide to make an investment to the final launch of your brand’s taxi app is a bare minimum.

Budget-Friendly Option:

Building a taxi booking app or a taxi dispatch solution from scratch is no child’s play. You need a team of skillful and knowledgeable experts comprising developers, designers, business analysts, project managers, etc. who can carry out the entire process.

Moreover, the tools, technologies, and other resources build quite an expense. A lot of time is spent on recovering this huge investment which is not the most favorable option for most entrepreneurs and taxi business owners.

Easy Customizations:

Since more than half of the work is done with white-label apps, you can significantly save on your expenses and yet develop a sophisticated app. The white label solution is sort of a template to work with making it easy to replicate the features.

Provisions like a digital wallet, in-app payment integration, Google maps and navigation, cloud-based IoT, analytics, and reporting are some of the basics that are already present and only need some finishing touches to be complete. And, you can use it with your own brand name and logo which is rewarding.

Brand Visibility:

Today’s customer is what we call the “Smart Customer”. They like to deal with brands and companies that are equally active and techno-savvy in providing them with the best in the market. If your business has an app readily available then people will definitely be willful in exploring it as an option and once they like your services, there’s no turning back.

A white label taxi app is more likely to offer you increased brand visibility and generate a quicker ROI.

Post-Launch Advantages:

The remarkable thing about creating a white label taxi app is that even after its deployment and launch in the market, you can smoothly carry out its hassle-free maintenance. A taxi booking app comprises the following modules/types from the point of view of development:

  • Passenger App
  • Drivers’ App
  • Admin Panel

One has to carry out server maintenance, code optimization, debugging errors, etc. while the app is in use. Failure to do so can result in heavy loss for your business. With the white-label app, things become simpler.

Most white-label apps come with a minimum term of free support and maintenance which gives you an opportunity to stabilize your operations and sustain, progress in this new phase.


So, if you are in the taxi business and wish to provide maximum customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the game, go beyond the basic features like real-time tracking, it’s time you launch your own customized white label taxi app.

With the right team by your side like those at Narola Infotech you will surely achieve your annual goals and complete more ride requests than you ever have.

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