December 28, 2022


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Many of the top programming languages stop being used or see their popularity decline as new technologies are developed. The 2009-released NodeJS is not one of these. Over the past four years, NodeJS development services have grown significantly more popular, and it will likely continue to do so until 2024. Leading startups all over the world continue to choose it over other alternatives.

With household brands such as Walmart and Uber turning to hire NodeJS developers, one can only ask if the platform is currently the best option. Check out these reasons why NodeJS is still popular in 2023.

How Nodejs Can Impact your Business

What is NodeJS?

Firstly, is Node a programming language? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and some answers to it are misleading. Node isn’t really a programming language on its own. Instead, it is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that functions with cross-platform support. 

The defining feature of Node development is, it is usable for front-end and back-end;  making it a full-stack development technology. This multi-purpose property of Node contributes to its popularity and high adoption.

Node technology uses a ‘microservice pattern’. This means the application is broken down into small parts called nodes. Doing this allows an application to be developed better, with fewer errors, and with higher functionality.

Over 6.3 million websites utilize Node JS, with the US being its most popular market. It goes without saying that some of the largest technology businesses in the world use it.

NodeJS Web Development Can Be Used To Create These Applications

Node’s properties can be found everywhere, but are you aware of what these properties mean for your application? Probably not. They actually work in many ways and their efficiency stretches across many different categories of applications.

Here are a few amazing apps you can hire nodeJS developers to develop for you.

  • Real-time Software: Real-time applications (RTAs) that handle a lot of brief messages quickly can be run on NodeJS. For instance, NodeJS is used in the development of Uber, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.
  • API Hosts: Making an API server using NodeJS is a useful application as well. This is because NodeJS makes it simple to transform JavaScript objects into JSON and handle several concurrent connections at once.
  • Streaming Data: NodeJS is suitable for real-time media streaming as well as data streaming from numerous apps and resources that require repeated file uploads due to its asynchronous nature. Netflix is a good example of a NodeJS-based application.
  • DevOps: NodeJS is ideal for creating quick and lightweight applications called microservices that let development teams create, distribute, and manage software simultaneously. The cornerstones of DevOps are continuous development and continuous integration.

The Node.JS platform provides many interesting opportunities to develop applications that are unlike your everyday application. All of these applications are based upon Node’s unique features and properties that make it so popular among developers. 

Node offers the ability to load and process a large number of requests in real-time without dropping performance. Exactly why Node should be your top choice for developing your next web application.

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What are the Advantages of NodeJS?

Node was not granted fame and a large community of developers for nothing! In fact, it has many advantages that make it so widespread. Utilizing all of Node’s benefits is what will make your project that much better.

Read on to find out why startups love NodeJS so much - and why it deserves your love too!

Scalable To Adapt To Future Growth

You never know when your business may start taking off! This is why you need technology that’s easy to expand when you need a more robust application. Tasks are developed separately into what are called “nodes”. 

At the time of scaling, you can add more nodes to scale up vertically. Alternatively, you can add and increase functionality to scale up horizontally. This gives any business two options when it comes time to step up its app to match business operations.  

NodeJS Provides Developers With A Quick Response

The amount of time that a server takes to react when being tested is crucial since it establishes the baseline for startup performance in general. NodeJS developers may receive a response quickly, which is another benefit of utilizing another development platform. This is because it is lightweight and free of the JARs and app servers that would otherwise slow it down.

As a consequence, developers are free to concentrate on building the code and swiftly releasing it. The fact that NodeJS utilizes the same language for both the client side and server side eliminates the need to switch back and forth between the two, which is another major aspect of why it is so quick. It might be a tremendous comfort for someone just starting out in business not to have that additional concern.

Code That’s Easy To Learn

It only seems logical to presume that the majority of those developing companies will be newcomers to the development scene if we are talking about startups. When working with other platforms, which demand a lot of effort and willingness to study merely to understand how it operates, this may be pretty intimidating.

The learning curve is really reasonable with NodeJS. You will actually be a NodeJS pro in no time. As was previously said, since the front and backends utilize the same language, far less code must be written than in the case when the front and backends use different languages.

Fact: More than 22K websites in the U.S. take advantage of Node.js - among them tech giants like Twitter, Accuweather, IMDB, and PayPal.

Effective Real-time Applications

The requirements of both organizations and customers have changed as a result of technological innovation. Right present, every company is striving for real-time client information.

The explanation is straightforward: by giving people precisely what they want, you may increase business sales by a factor of ten if you have access to solid customer information. NodeJS has come to be recognized as the finest option for doing this. NodeJS makes it simple to develop real-time online applications, such as games and chat programs.

You can find out more information on how NodeJS is an Ideal Fit For Real-Time Application Development in our blog.


Cross-functional collaboration is crucial to the development of online applications. NodeJS application development enables the infrastructure engineers, quality assurance experts, and backend or frontend communities to continuously add value to the existing NodeJS resources.

It provides creativity, agility, and easier, more flexible team communication. NodeJS ought to be the obvious choice if you want to construct a substantial project. Because of this, there is a current need for NodeJS app development services.

Large Community Support

Technology development has led to the emergence of many new languages every year. A company cannot use one technology now and switch to another one later. NodeJS provides stability to organizations since it has Long Term Community Support (LTS), a trait that every company needs.

It also shows why NodeJS has evolved into a standard for businesses. With its vivid presence and strong corporate backing, it is more dependable thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies.

With such a large community, there will never be a question that has not been answered before. Each Node.JS developer can submit their code to better the Node language, making the whole language efficient and modern.

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Improved Performance

Each and every company wants to develop a high-performing app. You cannot make any concessions on this issue if you want your users to keep using your software. JavaScript is swiftly converted by NodeJS into native machine code that Google's V8 engines can execute. This is the reason why it can speed up any framework.

Another consideration is the regular updating of V8 and NodeJS. The changes will improve security, increase speed, and support new JavaScript capabilities.

After switching to NodeJS, PayPal was able to speed up response times by 35% and handle twice as many requests per second.

Flexible For Various Needs

Imagine you need to make a change to your code because there is an error. Most other programming languages and frameworks would require editing from the core of the program. But, with NodeJS this is not the case. All your Node developer has to do is find that particular node and modify the code. 

This makes node a rather flexible offering for investors who can foresee their business changing and need an app that can change with it. This technology facilitates flexibility and scalability and is a great option for investors of startup businesses.  

The syntax can be modified to fit your requirements making it an extensible technology that anyone can benefit from using. On the basis of your idea, you can customize the development of your business’s web application.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the numerous factors that lead many companies all over the world to believe that NodeJS is a superior technology for running high-volume web projects and enabling teams to move more swiftly with their goals. If you have not employed NodeJS for your web app development, it is time to evaluate it, given its present popularity and long-term reliability.

So, what's holding you back? Hire a NodeJS Developer today and get started with your dream project!

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Frequently Asked Questions About NodeJS

How is NodeJS Useful in Your Next Project?

NodeJS can be used for developing single-page ads, and dashboards, enabling chats, classic web apps, developing APIs, etc. 

What are The Benefits Of NodeJS for Web App Development?

There are several pros of using NodeJS web development, such as faster loading, enhanced overall performance, mobile-friendly, appealing UI, highly secure, and so on.

When Shouldn't you use NodeJS?

NodeJS does not work well with CPU-intensive tasks, like editing images, graphics or audio and scientific apps. It becomes sluggish and unresponsive, blocking incoming requests when it is utilized for graphic operations and long calculations.

How To Hire NodeJS Developers for Your Project?

There are several ways to hire NodeJS developers for your next web app project, like searching on LinkedIn, Google, Clutch, etc. But, the most useful way is by contacting a NodeJS development company like Narola Infotech.

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