August 23, 2021

Ifrah Khan


When it comes to developing web applications, websites made with asp.NET have proven to be a competent and reliable platform. As of today, it is difficult to imagine a more capable Windows app framework with amazing features than .Net.  Web apps, desktop & mobile apps, gaming, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are all covered by the.Net stack. As a result, it is no surprise that a lot of companies that use .NET technology have grown into well-established firms.  But what about using this amazing platform to build a start-up? Is there an example of a successful start-up based using the NET framework? Let's see if we can spot any start-ups that have benefited from .net web applications. Let us take a look at some of the most well-known tech companies which were built on the basis of .Net:

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great Q&A platform for computer professionals to get their issues resolved. It all started as a blog, but it has quickly grown into a massive business. It is without a doubt a very valuable learning platform for any software developer. Here they can discover the best solutions for languages such as Python. Ruby etc.  .Net developers, Android app developers, and any other software engineer will always find something interesting to read or discuss on this platform. You may use the service to read what others have to say about a certain technology, provide comments, and find the best answer for your situation.  Stack Overflow is written in C# using the ASP.NET MVC framework. .Net development is a great option for platforms like Stack Overflow as it comes with many unique features that are useful in developing projects within the platform.


GoDaddy is a prominent internet domain registrar and hosting firm located in the United States, with a cloud platform devoted to small, independent businesses. Today, the firm has over 17 million clients and employs over 6,000 people across the world. There is also a large online community where you can keep up with the newest news and get some valuable technology-related suggestions. This approach is both strong and intuitive, as well as secure. With .Net development, websites hosted on Godaddy receive a 99% uptime, apart from industry-leading performance and the quickest load times.


Dell is one of the most famous and prominent brands of PC and laptop sellers. Dell has evolved into more than just a computer maker in recent years. Indeed, a deeper glance at the company's website reveals that it offers hundreds of software solutions such as cloud computing, building .net web applications, etc. The site, which is also built using the .NET framework, comes with several features.


Thousands of code examples are available on this popular open-source programming platform. covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL server, and other typical programming difficulties. It may be used to study, test, and execute innovative ideas simply and effectively. Coding in a way that one can avoid mistakes in the finest web services for gaining IT knowledge is a good way, according to many IT professionals. .Net implementation in W3Schools has made it an effective way to teach students the top programming languages. 


One of the most popular accounting software options for running a business on the move. Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from the company's software solutions. It's a strong, steady, and dependable product. .Net development in Xero allows its users to create Web API within minutes of coding. 

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is also a Microsoft Corporation product, therefore we may expect the greatest in-built technology. This email client is robust, feature-rich, and safe. It was created using .Net to give it the smooth, simple interface we know about.


Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the world-famous firms that have employed the most cutting-edge technology and development tools to create their website. There is a lot of clarity and consistency there; the site is responsive and operates easily and simply. This is possible with .net as it makes usage smooth and responsive.

Market Watch

MarketWatch is a website about financial services that features business news, analysis, and stock market statistics. It serves over 16 million monthly visitors, including several million new visitors, in addition to measuring the market pulse. The website also offers personal money counseling in addition to stock market quotes. The primary benefits of .NET – flexibility and scalability – are put to excellent use here, resulting in a website that is highly organized, efficient, and capable of handling large volumes of data without issue.


For .net web development, CodeProject offers free source codes and tutorials. It is a massive platform where people exchange and produce ideas, and programmers utilize it to solve issues and update with the latest technology. .Net has aided the website's developers in managing and scaling CodeProject as needed. CodeProject is one of the greatest platforms for creating new projects because of its versatile platform and large community support.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an integrated programming environment (IDE) running on the framework. Apart from ordinary websites, mobile applications, online apps, and web services, the IDA's purpose is to build computer programs for Microsoft Windows. Visual Studio allows you to create code quickly and precisely. This entire software was created using the .Net language.

What Are The Pros Of Websites Made With The Help Of .Net Development?

  1. Enhanced scalability: Scaling your startup project is easy and efficient with .NET web development. If you wish to scale your project up at high speeds then .asp net development is the way forward.
  2. Ease of use, sophisticated functionality, and security: These are all important factors when it comes to building an efficient website. ASP.NET MVC provides safe development and makes it simple to identify errors and address common problems.
  3. There is a lot of variety and room for creativity. If you create with.Net, you have access to a variety of languages, editors, and libraries. As a result, .net technology may be used to create a wide range of applications.
  4. One API: There is a set of APIs called .NET Standard that is used by all .NET implementations. It is also possible to use other APIs that are particular to the operating systems it runs on.
  5. Entity Framework: Most of the data-access code that developers must create daily is no longer required with the entity framework.

Final Words

All of the above firms' solutions, which employ .net technology-rich features have been a success despite being regular start-ups at one time. Hence, without exaggeration, the NET framework may serve as the ideal basis for a business.

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