January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


This page explains existing lucrative opportunities in software marketing; and points to potential earnings ranging to thousands of dollars in commissions. It is applicable to both individuals and marketing organizations.


Software development is a high-demand service. As a business, the industry segment is almost an essential commodity, a staple diet of every commercial house. It is wanted by retailers, Ecommerce stores, health and fitness providers, Pharma companies, manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, music, automobiles- name it, that industry needs one or the other kind of software development.

With the flurry of activity in mobile telecom, the way businesses sell has changed dramatically, in turn setting off yet another round of demand for software.

In other words, it is a wide world of opportunities; but, the question is how to seize the opportunity.

How You Can be a Partner

Basically, you just need to be a well-connected marketing person. You need to know the right decision-makers in various businesses, industries, government departments, hospitals, corporations, and so on. The people, whom you know are preferably those who take IT decisions in their organizations.

And, of course, you need to be an excellent marketing person, with an ear to the ground; savvy to find out when an organization is contemplating software up-gradation or new purchases.

What you need not be is a technical wizard. Tech knowledge is useful but not essential, for you to succeed. Chances of success get pretty bright if you are in the IT services marketing field; it helps you to discover new opportunities faster and increase your income.

How Narola Helps

Narola Infotech P. Ltd operating out of Surat, India, is one of the largest software development companies in this neighborhood. Established and reputed since 2005, we have assisted over 500 clients in Web design, 300+ clients for eCommerce stores, and hundreds of mobile application and software. Three factors have placed us at the leading edge in this field.

  • A highly stable business model, with strong beliefs in business values
  • Exceptional technological capability and owned IT infrastructure
  • A large team of resources, experts in their technologies.

The most important decider is our competitive fee structure, which slashes development costs up to 75% for the clients. Our unique operational methodology is the most client-friendly possible development mode around. To see how truly unique is Narola’s development process, visit this blog.

The essence of Narola is just this: Each project earns the trust and appreciation of the client.

How it Works

You would be an exclusive and sole partner to market and develop the business in your city. The role involves locating new clients who need custom software developed for them.

A brief summary

You would be an independent business person and not an employee. You earn commissions and not salaries. Considering the average budget for a software project, the commission could be anywhere between $600 and $3,000.

Interested to learn more? Do contact us.

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