January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


So here are 5 best HR rehearses that X-Company follows in-house to ensure that our employees are happy:

1) No Micromanagement

Ideal from the interview till the time the candidate goes along with us, it is clarified to him or her that they need to take finish responsibility for they do. Also, we stay faithful to our commitment by giving them finish possession, which implies no micromanagement. They can finish the assignment in any capacity that they are agreeable, as long as the errands are finished on plan and in an ethical way, it works for us.

2) Flexible Timings

This is something that has been picking up a ton of energy in many organizations nowadays. We too are enormous enthusiasts of flexi-timings as we trust that employees accomplish more work when they are not caught up with taking a gander at the clock. We have a 12-hour window amid which a worker can come in and labour for a 9-hour time frame. For whatever length of time that the work is completing and it doesn’t influence co-appointment among groups, the X-Company employees are allowed to set their own particular work timings, that is the reason it’s best HR work on as indicated by X-Company’s employees.

3) Dress Code

Or, then again rather the absence of it! At X-Company, we don’t have any dress code policy. We trust that individuals ought to be judged by the work they do, how they do it, and the esteem they convey to every one of the partners of the organization, i.e. alternate employees and the clients. Our employees are allowed to wear whatever they need when they go to the workplace. The main rider is that we do instruct them to utilize their decision making ability when dressing for meeting any outside elements like clients or sellers.

4) Glass Door Policy

All things considered, the right term would be No Door Policy. We take after a level structure at X-Company and we don’t generally have any “manager” framework. That is the reason the main lodges in the workplaces are either meeting rooms or lavatories! We believe our employees to be in charge of what they do, and as said prior they are finished proprietors of their work.

5) Fun at Work

All things considered, this is even more a gathering of policies as opposed to a policy itself. By the by, we suspected that it was justified regardless of a say. We understand that all work and no play makes Jack a dull kid, and that is the reason we have a large group of fun programs, going from pizza lunches to hookah parties and even stand-up parody shows and music night times.

These are the significant things that we do X-Company to ensure that our employees are happy with the goal that they do things which ensures our clients are happy. Besides this, HR can use HRMS system which will help in streamline the organization process.

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