January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


Technology makes our life easier and saves a lot of time. As a matter of fact, Smartphones have changed the way people work. They can daily track their to-do lists, jogging time, burnt calories, water intake, etc. There are millions of apps to choose from. Many mobile apps make life easier every day

We have described the best mobile apps to make your life easier every day. Let’s start with them.

Habitica (IOS, Android)

This task managing app feels more like a game. You can input your habits, your To-Do lists, and create your avatar. Check-off tasks to level up your avatar. It will unlock new features such as armors, pets, skills, and quests. In the same way, you can fight monsters with your friends. This will keep them accountable. You can also use gold points in the app on in-game rewards like equipment, or custom rewards like watching your favorite TV show. It is a fun, flexible and social app to accomplish almost anything.

Waterlogged (IOS, Android) apps Make Life Easier Everyday

Every day to keep track of your water intake, then this app is for you. Water intake is important as if it is not enough, it’ll cause dehydration. It will track your daily water intake with charts and graphs. Furthermore, It will give timely reminders. Moreover, it uses oz, ml as units based on the size of your vessels. Waterlogged is used by over one million people all over the world.

Twilight (IOS, Android)

Having a good sleep is very important for a healthy life. If you are having trouble falling asleep, Twilight will help you solve your sleep issue. This app is developed for Android users. It is basically for the people who love to stay awake late at night. This app makes the screen of your device adapt to the time of the day. The flux of blue light emitted by your phone after sunset is filtered by this app and protects your eyes from a soft and pleasant red filter. The intensity of the filter is smoothly adjusted based on the cycle of the sun of your local sunset and sunrise times.

Remote Mouse (Android)

This app turns your smartphone or tablet into a user-friendly and wireless mouse for your computer. Another key point is that the app transforms your smartphone into a keyboard, mouse, and trackpad. It is of great help while giving presentations or watching a movie on your computer. This app makes it easy to control your computer without the need to touch your laptop’s keypad.

Hopper (IOS, Android)

Save your money on the next flight with the help of Hopper. This app predicts the future of airfare. Look at your next flight in the app get notified as soon as the airfare drops to the lowest point. It has a price prediction feature. For this reason, Hopper lets you know if you should book your flight now or wait for a better price. On the whole, It is super fast and predicts the cheapest future price with 95% accuracy. Never miss a deal now!

Flipboard (IOS, Android)

This iPhone app organizes stories from all over the world. At the same time, it shows stories based on the interests of the user. In a word, the app is a personalized magazine. This award-winning app is used by millions of people. By and large, it shows news, articles, popular stories, and conversations based on the user’s interest or passion. You can also follow people having similar interests and passions to you. you can see what they like, share and comment. Similarly, you can like, share and comment on the stories of your interest as well.

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