February 3, 2022

Rohit Rawat


Rolling out redesigned pages with new features in your app like Facebook will keep your users satisfied. Not only that, with improved functionality, users will refer your app to their friends and family. It might encourage other people and businesses to join your app. All this, in turn, will help your app reach new heights of success.  Let’s take a look at the features you can add and improve in the process of redesigning your app.

Redesigning Your App Like Facebook for Better Engagement


News Feed

People now view social media as a platform to get the latest news. So, you can add a dedicated news feed to your Facebook like app that is separated from their regular feed. You can do the same for pages too. You can suggest trending news, people, and also pages.  To increase engagement, you can show comments by public figures at the top. More engagement will allow the posts and news to reach a wider audience. That way, more people will remain updated about the latest trends and what everyone is talking about. 

Easy Navigation

You can provide easy ways for people to switch from their business accounts to personal accounts and vice versa. It would be more convenient to provide a “Two Tap” process to switch between accounts. If the account switching process gets very cumbersome, users might get irritated and leave your Facebook clone app

Improved Page Management Tools

The admins, especially of business pages, have to overlook many tasks. They have to check the tasks of different people who are working on different aspects of the page. You can provide the admins with task-based admin tools to make their job easier for them.  Admins should be able to assign the tasks to their team members accordingly on your Facebook like app. The various tasks could be related to: 
  • Insights
  • Ads
  • Content
  • Community Activity
  • Messages
  Giving appropriate permissions and managing updates must be made easier for the page admins.

Improved Insights

This is one of the most important features that you can upgrade and redesign. It will immensely help with the engagement of your app like Facebook. Insights help businesses understand their audience and their behavior in a better way.  Improved insights will provide more relevant information to businesses. Using this data, they can aim their content marketing strategy to understand their users in a deeper way. This will end up further increasing the engagement of the page. However, you must make sure that these updates work perfectly and there is no lag in recording user information. In case you provide inaccurate data, it could prove to be disastrous for the business, and ultimately, for you. 

Safety Features

This is another important feature that you can constantly improve and that your users will appreciate. Redesigning and making this feature more robust will give more confidence to your users. It will motivate them to share more things and engage more freely, even with those people who they don’t know well. Some things you can do to improve the safety and security of the users of your app like Facebook are: 
  • The first thing you can do is give users more freedom and flexibility about with whom they want to share their activity. Blocking or muting a user can go a long way in giving users peace of mind while engaging on the app.
  • Many people use social media platforms to spread fake news. False news can have a disastrous impact on an individual or a community. That makes it the responsibility of the app owner to stop these malicious activities. You must implement systems that will identify fake news and the culprits who spread them on your Facebook clone app.
  • You can provide blue ticks to individuals and pages, especially business and celebrity pages. This will help users identify genuine pages. They can conduct business with a brand with a blue tick with the surety that it is authentic.

In Conclusion

If you redesign your app like Facebook with the above-mentioned points, it will surely improve engagement. Not only that, it will improve the credibility of your brand and bolster the positive image of your app. But it will only work if you integrate these elements effectively and they work smoothly. The developers at our social media app development company are experts in making these apps. They have helped clients all over the world with on-demand Facebook clone app development. If you want to redesign your Facebook clone with the above-mentioned features, feel free to contact us anytime.

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