Last Updated: November 20, 2023


Leena Sanap


An app that makes scheduling appointments easy for your safety and maintaining social distancing.

The Idea

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic hit the world at the beginning of the year 2020 and brought the entire world to a near standstill. Words like quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing became the norm. Wearing masks, gloves, washing hands at regular intervals has become a way of life. Necessity is the mother of invention! We as humans need essentials for survival and therefore it’s only natural to change the way we live by coming up with better solutions for survival.

The Initiative

We at Narola Infotech believe in making lives better for those around us and contributing our bit to the society that we live in. It is only through co-existence that we can all counter such unprecedented circumstances.

The Antar app was conceptualized in the light of the difficulties faced by people in their day to day lives for access to essentials like groceries, medications, hospital appointments. It was observed that people would often gather at one place leading to crowding, lack of commodities even though a viable option was available. This even led to the violation of social distancing, raising a health risk to the customers.

The Concept

Realizing the importance of maintaining distance (Antar) our team came up with an idea to develop the “Antar app” which would help every man to have access to the shops, medicals, hospitals, salons, Groceries, etc. near them. They can easily make an appointment at their convenient timings.

Not only would this help the owners cater to their customers in a better way, but it is also largely helpful in mitigating the risks involved. A proper record of visitors is maintained and also resources can be managed by the owners to fulfill the requirements.

The Narola Infotech management decided to include this project under our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) and make it available free of cost in a way to help people in this pandemic situation.

The Team

The app was developed with joint efforts of many working relentlessly to make it error-free and remarkable in features. Here we acknowledge the efforts of some whose contribution has been noteworthy for the Antar app

Developers: Nitesh, Jayesh, Chaitanya

Designers: Saloni, Sandip

Tester: Mital

Marketing: Sarika

Some Remarkable Features

  • Contactless appointment booking
  • QR Code Generation
  • Generate Slots
  • Security
  • Owner & Customer logins

As an afterword, Narola Infotech is glad to have been able to do something in its capabilities for the society that gives us so much. We hope that the Antar app reaches out to many people and helps make a change towards well-being.The scope of this app is unlimited and can be extended by any owners of stores and utilities as per their use. It is available free of cost.

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